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What Books Do You Recommend I Read?

Books Sep 20, 2015

What Books Do You Recommend I Read

Reading for me is the ultimate therapy. Hunkering down with a good book for a few hours is kinda of like going on a one week health retreat, it’s that time to disconnect that I think my brain craves these days. Although I read most nights for an hour before going to sleep (my brain can’t switch off otherwise), I love to do it the most on Sunday mornings, particularly as the weather starts to cool down and staying in bed becomes more appealing. Drink tea and whirl through the pages. Or should I say flick through the kindle? Or whatever other not-quite-right verb you use for an e-reader.

In the past, my favourite books have been recommended by other people, and so I thought, what better way to get to know you more than to ask you what you think I (and other people out there) should be reading right now. I just sailed through Station Eleven, All The Light That We Cannot See and The Girl On the Train, all fairly new worth reading, and am on the lookout for my next great read. I would be so grateful for any recommendations of new or fairly new books you have. Happy Sunday!

Ps. See here for my favourite books about places.

Photos by Michelle J Proctor. Socks and sleepwear from Papinelle.

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