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5 Essential Wardrobe Updates For The New Season

How to wear it Oct 12, 2015

Essential Wardrobe Updates For The New Season

Shut up and take my money… is usually how I feel when the seasons start to change. That slide into Spring or Autumn makes me want to fill up my cart over and over. A trip past Zara becomes a battle as I try to hold back from buying every new item and trend on offer. Red and paisley fringed cape? Sign me up! But again this year I’m holding back. If not from shopping completely, then at least from poorly thought out wardrobe additions. As the seasons change I’m trying (emphasis on trying) to focus on what to add to my closet that will be of real value. What items I don’t currently have that will become foundational, wear-a-million-times pieces, not for just this season but for the next and the one after that. In essence, to create the perfect base for my wardrobe.

In collaboration with Clinique, Elle Australia recently asked me to share my top five wardrobe essentials items for the new season – what you need right now to have a functional and versatile wardrobe. Head over here to read more.

5 Essential Wardrobe Updates For The New Season

Splitting so much of my time between Hong Kong and Australia means my new pieces have to work double duty down under as well as on top (of the globe that is). Which is why I’ve stuck with mid seasonal pieces that can be dressed cooler or warmer depending on what’s happening outside. Naturally if you live somewhere that has snow already certain items won’t be for you, but the premise of planning your new additions carefully still applies – try not to use ‘it’s already -1 degree’ as an excuse for shopping up a (snow) storm :). Cheers to a wardrobe that works for you.

Read more about my five top changing season pieces here.

Photos by Bryant Lee

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