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5 Tips For Mastering the Farmer's Markets (with Shopping List Printable!)

Wellness Oct 22, 2015

5 Tips For Mastering The Farmer's Market

You know you’re growing up when Saturday mornings no longer equate to hiding under the covers until that hellish headache subsides, and are now about early morning visits to the farmers markets. Yes life has changed. Don’t get me wrong, I like to put away a few dozen glasses of wine on a Friday now and again and write off weekend, but nowadays that’s somewhat of an anomaly rather than a norm. Yay for having more functional braincells! And a fridge full of kale, organic mushrooms and almond milk.

To celebrate the release of their iconic Market style, Oroton asked me to share an insight into my Saturday mornings (3 saturdays of the month atleast – that other sunday I’m reaching for the asproclear 😉 ). And so I thought rather than dwell on whether my last fun and frivolous days are behind me (I’m now much more aware of my health than I ever have been), I thought I would share with you a few of my tips for mastering the art of the farmers market visit. Scroll down to read more and download your free market shopping list printable. Cos we love ya!

5 Tips For Mastering The Farmer’s Market

Go Early (or go late)
Freshness vs price. These two factors will determine what time you hit the markets. Personally, I’m rolling out of bed to get the best of the best so I try hit the markets early doors (or as in, as early as actually able), but if you’re needing to stick to a tight budget you’re best to be the last one there so you can scoop up the left over product. You can definitely make a pie out of those bruised apples!

Take Your Own Bag
Ok can we talk for a second about how awful plastic bags are? Google plastic oceans if you’re unsure. They should literally be banned. On that note, Denmark added a bag levy in 2004 and now people use on average FOUR bags per YEAR. So yeah someone needs to get on that asap. In the meantime, don’t contribute to the problem by forgetting to take your tote – Oroton’s large sized market bag is perfect for fitting eggs, flowers, that hemp seed baguette (that tastes so bad it must be good for you).

Seek Out Local and Seasonal
Nowadays, many markets have stalls that are pretty much just extensions of your local grocer, meaning that the produce might come from all over the world. If you can, seek out the stalls that source their produce locally and sell in season. Depending on where you live it as be quite a tough ask, and it means tailoring what you’re making to what’s on offer in your markets. But worth it!

Decide What You’re Going To Be Making (kinda)
This sort of organisation denotes a level of grownup-ness that perhaps I’m not quite at yet, but it’s really useful to have some general idea about what you’ll be making. Wasting food sucks balls, as does that random casserole you’ll be forced to make at the end of the week with produce you haven’t used (I’m still scarred by the fact that every one of my childhood meals was an attempt to use what was in the fridge).

Make Friends With The Market Sellers
If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere like New Zealand or the Mid West where people are really nice to strangers, then you don’t need to be told to make friends with people. You’ve already done that. If, instead, you live in a big city like Hong Kong, New York or somewhere that a mass of population means you can’t possibly invest in this, you’ll have to swallow your thirst efficiency and actually get chatty with your market stall owner. Take an interest, S-M-I-L-E. It won’t kill you and if Jamie Oliver has taught us anything it’s that market stall owners will keep the freshest eggs for you under the counter if you’re nice. Right?!

I’m excited to also share with you two gorgeous free printable market shopping lists, created by Kristen of KPR Designs, a new team member who we’ll be working with on lots of new and fun projects in the coming months.

Download them here. Happy Shopping!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

This post is in collaboration with Oroton.

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