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Quick DIY: An Easy Circle Necklace

DIY Style Oct 14, 2015

An Easy Circle Necklace

This season chances are you’ll be seeing circles everywhere – on bags, shoes and necklaces. A quick glance at net-a-porter shows that designers like Celine, Stella McCartney and Philip Lim are all over it like… a lot. Meaning that within no time you’ll be seeing them on the high street and (probably) being added to your cart (whether online or IRL). I’ve got more than a few circle inspired projects lined up for you, starting with a very simple one, perfect for those of you who live by the notion that ‘I can’t make anything’. You can you can! Start here. Now.

Quick DIY: An Easy Circle Necklace

You need:

  • A bunch of circle settings or hoops
  • Leather twine
  • scissors

(Like, um, that’s all).

How to:

1. Line up your circles how you want them to sit. We chose 4 for symmetry but you can use as many as you like.

2. Cut some small sections of twine.

3. Tie the hoops together on the sides.

4.  Make sure to secure the twine really tight.

5. Do that for all of them.

6. Trim the extra twine off the sides. Finally, then tie two lengths of twine to the outer sides of the hoops to secure around your neck.

Voila! So so easy.

Photos by Bryant Lee

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