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How To Have The Perfect Sunday (And The Perfect Week!)

Wellness Nov 2, 2015

How To Have The Perfect Sunday

‘A Sunday well spent brings a week of content’ said every Pinterest quote board ever. But seriously, Sundays and I, we didn’t used to get on. In fact, we hated each other. The awful realisation that it was the end of the weekend, and contemplation of the probably crazy week ahead, used to make for a terrible case of Sunday Blues. But in the last few years I’ve started to invest in the day, realising that when it comes to Sunday, you only get out what you put in. These days I’m a Sunday routine freak, and have found that a few simple steps can create not only a lovely day filled with goalz and lolz (as opposed to deep depression), but lays the foundation for a successful, anxiety free week. A perfect Sunday is without a doubt the perfect base.

Head over to Elle to read my 5 steps, or scroll down.

How To Have The Perfect Sunday (And The Perfect Week Ahead)

Get Sweatin’

Nothing feels better than a little sweat session on a Sunday morning. Whether you feel like death (too many wines the night before) and need to keep it light, or watched netflix all Saturday night and are ready for something harder, either way it will wake you up and clear your head. I like to organise a hike with friends on a Sunday morning, something out of the ordinary so it feels fun.

Be Social (but not too social)

Put your phone down for a few hours and enjoy eating with friends or family, socialising, brainstorming and chatting. I’m an online addict and find that these sorts of short breaks are perfect for restoring your creativity and giving you amazing new ideas.

Create Something

On the subject of creativity, if you have the time take an hour or so to get creative. Whether it be practicing your calligraphy, making some raw chocolate balls or crafting yourself something, your brain will thank you for it for the rest of the week!

Get Organised

I love to take a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to get organised, whether it be writing my list or lining up a couple of blog posts. It might seem unfair to jump into the working week so early, but I find that investing a small amount of time on a Sunday allows me to sleep well that night and not have a freak out when I get to work on Monday morning.

Nourish Yourself

Eat something delicious and healthy, a big brunch with lots of fresh ingredients is a great way to set yourself up for a healthy week (even if you managed to chow down on a burger at 2am the night before, particularly if you did!). On Sundays I like to wear a light coverage foundation, so it can breathe and rejuvenate. Which is why I love Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Powder Foundation & Concealer, the sponge allows for light to medium coverage which is perfect for everything I have to do on a Sunday.

Read the post over at Elle. This post is in collaboration with Elle and Clinique.

Photos by Bryant Lee

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