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Gift Guide: For The Dreamer

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2015

Gift Guide For The Dreamer

Ahhhh the dreamer.¬†Head in the clouds, distracted by all the possibilities¬†out there. I’m sure you have a friend like that – or maybe you’re that friend. Either way, there’s nothing better than someone with a bit of imagination, a person that’s able to envision the best outcome at every turn.¬†In case you’re stuck on what to buy your dreamer of a friend, we’ve picked a few of our favourite pieces from Etsy, in this third and final gift guide.¬†Cheers to being a dreamer, and making some of those dreams come true!

Gift Guide For The Dreamer

Our Picks:

Copper Ceramic Bangle, Marble Coasters, White Necessities Pencils, Porcelain Containers, Marble Dish,  Handstamped Necklace, Shine On Card, Porcelain Containers, Terrarium Postcard, Pink Clay Ring Bowl, Feathers Invitation, Daydream Believer Notebook Clay Facial Mask, Honey and Oatmeal Soap

There’s no better gift than a gorgeous, and multi purpose¬†porcelain set, perfect paired with this¬†copper ceramic bangle. Something for the¬†table and something to wear, what could be better?

Unique beauty products are such a great present, this clay facial mask and honey and oatmeal soap would be sure to lend a natural, wholesome feel to a nightly cleansing routine.

My addiction to rope isn’t going away, which is why you won’t be surprised to see the rope vessel on my list, a couple of marble coasters¬†would go down well too!

It’s all about the card right? This¬†shine on card¬†sets the bar pretty high, and while you’re at it snap up the¬†marble dish, your dreamer friend will thank you!

I love this gorgeous printed card covered with cactus, so me! And in case you’re looking to go all out, you could buy your mother/friend/sister a pink clay ring bowl¬†and set of¬†rose gold stacking rings.

Help your friend start the year right with a fresh new daydream believer notebook. Maybe she/he can write down some of those brilliant ideas?

Loving this feathers invitation, a slightly different take on your usual card.

I hope you guys have enjoyed our selection of gift ideas from Etsy, I’m so happy to be working to support creative and small businesses this holiday season. Cos everyone has a dream, right?

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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