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Gift Guide: For The Minimalist

Uncategorized Nov 16, 2015

Gift Guide For The Minimalist

There’s nothing better than receiving a hand made, unique gift during the holidays. Right? But, let’s be honest here, even a DIY addict like me won’t have time to make all the presents I’ll be giving. Which is why I’m excited to be partnering with Etsy over the next few weeks, to bring you a curated selection of hand made gifts from my favourite makers and small businesses. Not only will you have amazing, one of a kind pressies to knock people’s (christmas) socks off with, you’ll be supporting small businesses and creative entrepreneurs. And did we mention they’re also pretty affordable? Only one or two are over the $50 mark, with lots of them also coming in at under $20. Win win (win!).

First up, my picks of what to buy the minimalist in your life. You know her right? That person who’s house is perfectly styled with not a drop of colour (heaven forbid you bring your bright floral dress into her house!), and their Pinterest boards ooze Scando style. You know – black, white and grey. We’ve taken the hard work out of searching by pulling together our favourite minimalist inspired gifts. Read on for details. Who knows! You might even find something for yourself. 🙂

Gift Guide For The Minimalist

Our Picks:

Marble Dish, Rose Gold Stackable Rings, Mandala Tumbler, Copper Ceramic Bangle, ‘Paris’ Print, Daydream Believer Notebook, Clay Facial Mask, Grid Cushion, White Necessities Pencil Set, Marble Coasters, Handstamped Initial Necklace, Silver Dipped Quartz Earrings (rug my own).

Loving using facial clay at the moment, it gives such a lovely finish to your skin. This one is divine!

Ceramics are my guilty pleasure, and they’re just as nice to give as they are to get. If you haven’t yet checked out the other wares at Liquorice Moon Studios do so asap. How cute is that black and white tumbler?

Who wouldn’t love some pretty pencils to pep you up on a big day.

You know how much I love notebooks. A perfect way to start the new year. Who doesn’t love a pretty and functional gift?

Even the most staunch minimalist will usually allow some metallic accents into their home or wardrobe, we think the copper banglerose cold stackable rings, or hand stamped necklace (how cute is the ‘G’!?) are the perfect choices.

It’s only fitting that the marble dish that I love oh so much (take note boyfriend!) is made by the Etsy store ‘All Marble Everything’…. Pretty much my life really :). Oh and sign me up for the marble coasters too. Naturally. They work just as well for displaying jewellery as they do for your lounge room table!

Oh and in case you’re wondering, we’ll be sharing lots of DIY gifts over the next few weeks too, for those of you with a little time to spare.

For those of you who are wondering if it is unfeeling to decorate with a Paris print after the events of the weekend, personally I feel that now more than ever we should be showing solidarity with the places around the world who’ve experienced such atrocities, rather than avoiding the place or the issue. Not just through what we buy obviously, but through words of support, donations and visits to these cities to show we’re not fearful. This includes Paris, and also places like Beirut, Bangkok, Kenya and any other place that has been subject to such senseless violence. Although unplanned, for me this print is a timely reminder to try to focus this holiday season (and the future in general) on hope, understanding, peace and standing together as one.

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