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Printable Chocolate Wrappers

Recipes Nov 23, 2015

Printable Chocolate Wrappers

Ok so you could just take your family/friend/boss a bottle of wine to thank them for having you over (and everything they’ve done for you), and that would fine right? But what if you could take them something both delicious and long lasting, with about as much effort expended as it takes to press print with your mouse finger? To celebrate the start of the holiday season, I’m excited to bring you these free printable chocolate wrappers for you to use – for a host gift, a present, an IOU or just for someone sweet in your life. Created by APAAS team member Kristen, you’ll get three very sweet options that take a simple (and, ahem, cheap) block of chocolate into luxury gift territory. The best part? Once you’ve devoured all the chocolate you can keep the print – frame it, or put it on your mood board.

Download the prints here. Stay tuned for another way to print and style them, coming soon.

Marble Dish, Marble Coasters, Rope Vessel.

All you need to do is print the pages in A4 and re-wrap a block of chocolate. We used circle stickers at the back to secure but washi tape or normal clear tape would work perfectly too. Make sure to centre toe quote on the front of the chocolate.

Voila! Now, the challenge is going to be how to stop yourself from cracking open that silver paper once you take the original wrapping off… Perhaps grab yourself a few spare blocks? 🙂

Make sure to check out Kristen’s new website, lots of gorgeous things there to add to your christmas wish list!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

Tags food Gifts

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