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How to Pack for a Weekend Trip: City, Beach or a Little of Both

Perfectly Packed Feb 2, 2016

How to pack for a weekend trip

This year I had on my new years resolutions list to travel more… Who didn’t? But more than ever it’s difficult to get away for longer trips, turns out they require so much more preparation (read: franticness) before you leave and having to work while you’re away can completely kill the fun. So this year, I’m all about taking short trips away where I can completely shut off and unwind. Introducing: the humble weekend. Long been overlooked in favour of longer stays out of the country, this year it’s all about a few days here and a few days there.

But, as you can imagine, packing for weekend requires a completely different approach than packing for longer trips (for which I’ve been using this packing guide). And so, in keeping with my addiction to getting the contents of my suitcase jusssssst right, Oroton asked me to put together a few tips for you guys, in the event that you too are packing for a weekend trip (real or … imaginary).

Be realistic
Let’s be honest here guys, for a weekend away (even a long one) you really only need 3 or 4 outfits. In the past I gave in to my urges and packed more like 10… Which is easy to do once you start getting excited and throwing in all your favourite things. Be honest with yourself about how many outfits you actually need… You do NOT need 6 bikinis for 3 days travel. Ok?

Consider your activities
Ok so some of you will be all into planning and know exactly what you’ll be doing on your weekend, others will have more of a go with the flow attitude. Either way, it’s useful when packing to think about what you are, or could be, doing. Understanding the activities you’ll be doing in terms of a spectrum, from formal to casual, will help you pick. And think about how you’ll layer your outfits together in the event of rain.

If you’ve got the time or the energy, it’s great to invest time in laying out your outfits before you go. Ridiculous you might say? Maybe. Another little trick for the time poor is to simply pack outfits you’ve worn before and that you KNOW work.

A pair and a spare
The place where many of us fall down is shoes, particularly if you don’t know what you’ll be doing when you’re travelling. But shoes more than anything else are things that you’ll probably wear the same two pairs the whole time… so pack those! And not the other 3 pairs you think you might need.

Minimise beauty products
Create a capsule collection for your beauty products by pouring your faves into little bottles. As much as we all want full sized ones when travelling it’s just not realistic for a weekend trip – either you’ll have to check your bag orrrr (and) you’ll be sick of carting all that stuff around for just a few days travel.

Pick a theme
Now, you know I love to pick colour palettes when I’m travelling, but recently I’ve embraced the idea of picking a theme to help guide what you choose to take. Often I like to be inspired by the destination I’m going when I pick a theme… New York: Downtown. Sydney: City beach. Phuket: tropical. (etc). With such a small number of outfits on a weekend trip you can easily choose 4 outfits and accessories that go with your theme. The flatlays below are lightly thematic, which would help with creating outfits.


eg. New York / Paris / London / Stockholm


A classic striped tee, A fluffy warm jacket, sunnies, a watch, a hat, your passport holder, a belt, a versatile skirt (weather appropriate!), a pair of sneakers (say it with me: essential), your camera, a roomy tote, comfy underwear (DIY preferably),  a soft sweater, a clutch, a pair of boots…. and naturally you’ll need a pair of shorts and a pair of jeans. Oh and a couple of pairs of wool tights if you’re going somewhere cold.


eg. Montauk / Boracay / Bali / Phuket / Ibiza


2 of your favourite bikinis (here and here) , a top with a pop of colour, a couple of pairs of sunglasses, a small clutch, your seriously comfy sandals, a large and a small bag, a big scarf (top, skirt, neckwear sorted), your DIY cut offs, something lacey.


eg. Sydney / LA / Hong Kong / Barcelona / Havanna


A statement shirt, some fancy neck scarves, a panama, a passport holder, some comfy underwear, a day to night skirt, something lace up, comfy flats, skinny jeans, a small and large bag, some night time boots. And naturally you’ll need some swimmers too.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

This post is in collaboration with Oroton.

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