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Quick DIY: Circle Drop Earrings

DIY Fashion Apr 4, 2016

DIY Circle Drop Earrings

Circles. What can I say? They’re this year’s triangles. Circle belt buckles, circle bag loops and circle jewellery, it’s all happening people. Which is perfect because you can easily fashion yourself some circles – all over yourself if that’s your jam. Like, for example these crazy easy earrings. Read on to see how.

DIY Circle Drop Earrings

You need:

  • Circle Fastenings
  • Two small pieces of chain
  • earrings hooks
  • Glue and a skewer
  • Jewelry plyers

Start by attaching the chain to the earring hook, you can usually just slide it on.

Create two of these.

Using the plyers, open up the opening of the circle and put some glue in between. Then, add the end of the chain in place and then press together with the plyers. If your circle doesn’t have a join, just use a jump ring to attach the chain to the circle.


Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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