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Spain Tips?

Travel Apr 27, 2016

Spain Tips

Hey guys! I’ve been wanting to explore more of Spain for years, the culture, vibe and most of all love of food makes it one of my favourite places to visit. Annnnnd I’m super excited because it looks like I’ll be visiting twice this year *happy dance*. The first visit as part of our Europe trip to Greece and Spain in Summer and once with my family for a hiking trip later in the year. It might be a little bit early to get excited about this but I can’t help it! It’s Spain after all. Knowing just how much you guys have helped me out in the past with itineraries (like when I went to New Zealand), and also all the amazing travel tips you give me on Instagram, I thought it would be a good time to ask you guys for your advice on Espana! (tried my hardest to work out how to get the tilde accent on that ‘n’ but mac failed me).

I feel like Spain is one of those places where most of what you do will be good, but it takes a local (or someone whose totally clued in) to point you towards the hidden gems. So I thought I would ask you guys. As a bit of background, Ben and I will be visiting Madrid and Barcelona next month, and then later in the year I’ll be seeing some of the South with my parents. Just two little questions for you (if you don’t mind):

  • What do you recommend we get upto in Madrid and Barcelona, food, neighbourhoods, cultural sites, the best pardon peppers – no recommendation too small! We’re in Madrid for 3 days and Barcelona for 4.
  • The other question isssssss my family is visiting Granada, Seville and Cordoba for a few weeks – eating, hiking and seeing the sights. I can only join them for a little bit of the trip (#werk)… So where do you think is the best destinations in that area? If you know of any amazing hikes we can go on I’d love to know, but perhaps that’s getting a little too specific? 🙂

Thank you thank you thank you in advance for any and all tips you can give. I can’t wait to share with you what I discover while I’m there!

** In case you’re wondering, I’ve been to Spain before, but not for years and years. Once for a road trip from Lisbon to San Sebastian and the other time to Barcelona for my 21st birthday.  That was my first trip away with Ben (the first being the one where you’re like this is either going to be incredible or a complete disaster… Luckily it was the former and the start of so many travels. That said we didn’t have much money then and I remember staying in hostel place with no windows. Like literally. This time we’re going to be doing it better! A little bit better anyway… And with your help I know it’s going to be out of this world. xxx

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