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What's In My Bag (That Powers My Creativity Everyday)

Business For Creatives Jun 10, 2016

What's In My Bag

Are you looking to be more creative? Then you’re not alone. This year, for me, has been focused on challenging my creativity as much as possible. Ok yes, my day to day does¬†involve creativity but I feel like it needs¬†¬†to be nurtured and challenged every day, lest you fall into a rut. Over time I’ve realised there are a few easy¬†things you can do to create a foundation of creativity in your every day – it’s all about being prepared and challenging yourself.¬†As part of the launch of their new TAG cable¬†, the team at¬†Native Union asked me to share with you the things I carry with me everyday that fuel¬†my creativity. Read on for the (not so short) rundown.

Left to right, top to bottom:  Springcourt sneakers, Zoobeatle Card Holder, La Mer playing cards, Larson & Jennings watch, Ollie print by Belinda Xia Illustration, A Pair & A Spare Typography thanks to Monica Vinader, Provider Store brass tray, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lipstick, Native Union CLIC 360 phone case, Native Union TAG cable, Aesop body cream, Kikki K Stationery, Lumira Candle, Whistles Leather Backpack (from a few seasons ago),  Kikki K card holder, Mecca foundation brush, C/meo Collective clutch, Nikon Camera, Luna Face Oil from Mecca.

What’s in My Bag

1. A Notebook / Sketchpad – I like to call these my idea factory. Lame I know! Even though we live in a digital age, I’m all about getting tactile with my lists and sketches. ¬†Ben has being trying in vain to get me over to Evernote, but I’ve resisted. There’s something really therapeutic about putting it all on paper. The key for me? Two small notebooks, one for (often boring) list making and the other for creative brainstorming.

2. A¬†Charger – Ohhhh the pains of¬†running¬†out of juice. It’s pathetic to admit this but there aren’t many things worse… Your hand reaches for your phone only to drop back¬†sadly into your lap, and all of a sudden you have 32802493 things you desperately need to google. So I couldn’t be happier to have discovered¬†Native Union’s new TAG charger, made out of Italian Leather, it attaches to your bag like a charm.

3. Welcome distractions – If you come here often you’ll know that I’m really into balancing my online and offline time, and so I always try to have something in my bag to do when I’m in transit/waiting that promotes creativity. That might be something like making a current DIY project, a good book or a set of playing cards. This for me has been a step towards some level of mindfulness¬†that, for me anyway, leads to new ideas and solutions. And new skills!

4. Snacks – Being hungry means your¬†creativity takes a nosedive. And so having enough snacks to keep my blood sugar level balanced is absolutely essential for my brain, and obviously my creativity. And whilst¬†I know that fruit has got a bad rap recently,¬†in the last few years I’ve come to really focus on gut health.¬†One of the things that I’ve learnt¬†is how important fibre (aka ‘prebiotics’) is for feeding the good bacteria in your gut. Nuts, seeds and fruit are a great source of fibre that you can take with you in your bag so you’re not hungry, and neither are your good bacteria! (Don’t get me started on the gut, I could talk for¬†yearrrrs).

5. My camera – ¬†Experimenting with photos is something that continuously challenges my creativity. Sometimes I carry my big Nikon D750 with me, usually if I think I will be taking snaps for the blog because I like them to be the best quality possible. However, I also have a smaller Canon G series which is for when either I don’t have room for a big camera¬†or I want to have a bit more freedom… That said, I’m in the market to upgrade to a different point and shoot model, having been looking at the Olympus Pen and the Fuji¬†x 100t… I’ll let you know what I decide!

Other things I always have with me? Deodorant (natural of course), lipstick for last minute surprise meeting¬†touch ups, stationery (it’s usually in a scary jumble at the bottom of my bag but at least it’s always there when I need it), business cards, and water water water – I try to drink 3 litres a day. Keeps those brain juices flowing!

Wearing: Whistles Leather Backpack (from a few years ago), Native Union TAG, Iris & Ink Top, DIY cut off shorts.

Do you have any other small ways you like to fuel your creativity?

This post is in collaboration with Native Union. Grab the Tag cable now in tan and black over on their website. Photos by Geneva Vanderzeil & Annie Huang

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