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Inspiration For Our Apartment Makeover! #apaasapartment

Rental Hacks Jun 23, 2016

Inspiration For Our Apartment Makeover

Speaking of transformations guys, I thought it would be nice to share with you something I’ve been (vaguely) working on for a while – a before & after on our apartment! Although we’ve lived in the same place for a while,  I haven’t invested that much time in doing it up – mainly because I thought we might move to another place, but having recently decided to stay for another two years I thought why not make it somewhere I absolutely love hanging out?

In the last few months I’ve been planning and preparing and so a few of the DIYs and sourcing is already underway, but I wanted to share with you now so you can join in the process. In lieu of sharing pics of the ‘before’ which I will do later, I thought it would be nice to share some inspiration for the direction I’m going in. At the moment (it changes all the time) I’m feeling bright minimalist with some muted colour in the form of rugs and other textiles. And plants. Plants everywhere!!!! All the benefits of a garden without the weeding. 🙂

The biggest challenges for doing this are/will be:

  • Space. Yep, our place at the moment is pretty small, and although that feels positively palatial compared to our first apartment it’s still quite tight. So all the ideas for this project will focus on space saving ideas and ways to make rooms look and feel bigger. I think related to this is the need to be brutal about what styles that are to be included, because there’s just not enough room to experiment.
  • It’s rented. I love our apartment, but because it’s a rental the way we’ll approach decorating is way different to if we owned. I won’t be knocking down any walls this time around (maybe one day soon? :)) instead opting for cosmetic updates that make it our own. I’m excited to share lots of interesting ways with you!
  • Neutrals. The gender kind. As much as I want to be like OMG ACME PINK EVERRRRRRTTTTHINGGGG, Ben’s not going to go for that. Not that he’s overly strict about gender divides or expectations, but I want something everyone feels comfortable coming home to. You got me?
  • Budget. I’m keen to keep the costs of this before and after down (more money for ice cream), although I know that somethings you have to spend actual money on (like a sofa etc) to get quality. For everything else I’ll be making, thrifting and repurposing, so I’m excited to share that process with you too!

You may have seen some sneak peeks of how it’s coming along on snapchat (username: apair_andaspare), but over the next few months I’ll be sharing a shedload of DIYs, sourcing and styling ideas as well as the final before and after of the space. Can’t wait to take you guys on this journey with me. 🙂

Let me know if there’s any particular home DIY you’d like to see! I’m all about a challenge. 🙂

Photos via Amber Interiors, My Domain, Home Polish, Avenue of Lifestyle, House of Hipsters, Urban Outfitters Blog, The Girl with the Curl, In Honor of Design.

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