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DIY Inspiration: Layered Area Rugs

Styling Tips Jul 20, 2016

Layered Area Rugs

By now you’ll probably know about my penchant for rugs, it would be scary to admit how many hours I’ve spent poring over Etsy, Ebay and just about every other rug boutique online. Between you and me a few weeks of my life at least! One thing I notice time and time again is how hard it is to buy a large sized area rug that is a) gorgeous and b) affordable. Unless you search really, really hard you’ll often find it’s one or the other. And with out little home before and after underway, you can guess that I’m on the hunt for the best solutions to potentially expensive problems. I wanted to share with you an idea I stumbled across in Barcelona (such great interior inspiration there!) – the layered rug. And not in the way you’re probably thinking.

The hotel we stayed in Casa Bonay (couldn’t recommend more highly) had this really cool courtyard/central space, where breakfast was served and it also doubled as a bar and restaurant at night. They obviously needed really big cool rugs to give the space some warmth and of going for a few huge ones, they created large sized rugs by layering smaller ones together. I’ve seen a b it of layering here and there, often a neutral rug with a bright one on top, but this was different. They used 4 to 5 of the same type of rugs, and tessellated them into a large rectangular shape. It might sound expensive, but what I noticed was that they used lighter weight kilims to create something more substantial, which in all likelihood maybe have been cheaper, and gave them the flexibility in terms of size. I really like this idea!

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