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Packing For A European Summer (5 Things I've Learnt)

Perfectly Packed Jul 5, 2016

Packing For A European Summer

Packing for that most planned and anticipated trip – your European summer holiday –¬†can be daunting. Yes you want it to be adaptable and comfortable, but above all, you want to feel like every outfit you wear is your best of the year. Vain? Maybe. But you’re on holiday after all! Throw in potentially wanting to take every pair of shoes you own and you’ve got a recipe for the world’s heaviest suitcase. But you needn’t worry, it’s totally possible to do it right.¬†Recently I packed for my summer trip, which I’m currently on, and have already learnt a few lessons about packing that I wanted to share with you.

Packing For A European Summer

1. CHOSE THE RIGHT FOOTWEAR¬†If there’s one thing you want to get right it’s what you wear on your feet, because summer in Europe, whether you’re beachside or cityside, is hot and tiring. A recipe for really really sore feet. Comfortable sneakers that also look nice are an absolute must… My go to? Springcourt and Superga. You’ll also need a few pairs of comfortable leather sandals (stay tuned for some big news on that front soon!) and some slip on leather shoes like ballet flats are a great choice too. Add in another mid heel for nights out and you’re done! Key lesson (I learnt the hard way last year with some sneakers), whatever you do, wear in any¬†new shoes before¬†your trip-¬†you don’t want to break in shoes while walking the hot streets of Madrid!

2. PICK PATTERNS CAREFULLY¬†By now you obviously know I’m all about choosing a small set of colours when it comes to my travel wardrobes, it just makes everything so much easier. This time I decided to branch out from my usual basic separates with some patterned pieces. But in the interest of keeping my wardrobe cohesive (to make it easier to get dressed) I chose patterns that complimented the basic colours I was packing –¬†some gingham and floral prints.

3. DONT FORGET COMFORT¬†I think of summer holiday clothes the same as I think about what to wear to a festival – chances are you’re going to have long days during which you want to be comfortable but also look and feel great. ¬† Considering the fabrics you’re taking will be key to overall comfort, stay away from polyester ones that trap the heat inside and will have you climbing the walls. Through trial and error I’ve found that linen, cotton and silk are my go tos.

4. ROLL IT How to keep that linen and silk creasefree? Roll carefully and then when you arrive unroll and put into the wardrobe overnight so all the creases fall out. And when you change location make sure you do it again, rather than just throwing everything back in willy nilly. It takes a little time but it’s so worth it. Putting them into the room while you have a warm steamy¬†shower always helps to get creases out of silk too!

5. PACK LESS¬†Even though I only brought a small suitcase I still haven’t worn about 30% of it¬†– I may still do that but I wouldn’t be surprised if I just keep wearing the same outfits in different forms for the rest of the week. So take less than you think you need!

DIY shorts (coming soon!), Paddo to Palmy top, Bag from Toledo.

Last year I was all about blues and whites, but I decided it’s time to get a little colour in my life – red is something I’ve been wearing a lot lately. Stay tuned via instagram and snapchat to see these outfits in action! xxx

In my suitcase: DIY off the shoulder crop top (tutorial coming soon), DIY cut off shorts, 3 high waisted bikinis from Topshop, Her and Pale Swimwear, various pieces from my friends at Paddo to Palmy, a top and a skirt from Cecile Copenhagen, 2 tan bags, sandals, flats and Springcourt sneakers. Cheers to the holidays!

Photos by Bryant Lee & Ben McCarthy.

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