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Fabric Shopping in Hong Kong

Travel Guides Aug 8, 2016

Fabric Shopping In Hong Kong

Favourite thing to do on a Monday? Is go fabric shopping… mainly as a way to avoid overly OCD list making and pondering why there isn’t a day between Saturday and Sunday. It’s one of the least worklike activities in my job description which makes it a great segue between couch Sundays and the rest of a chaotic week. That’s what I’ve leant, do the best task on your list on a Monday and you’ll never dread it. It’s exactly what I’m doing today in fact…. not only to celebrate the start of the week but also to celebrate my birthday, which happens to be today. 🙂 It’s going to be a whole week of celebrations in fact, with friends and family visiting, so I’m taking it pretty easy today. But a trip to the colourful markets and side streets of Hong Kong are exactly what I need, wearing my new top to mark the occasion. I thought it would be nice to share with you my three fave pit stops on a fabric shopping Monday. Enjoy!

My 3 Favourite Places to Shop for Fabrics in Hong Kong

The Western Markets – Like to keep it cool calm and collected? This spot is for you. Located in the Iconic Western Markets in Sheung Wan (just west of Central on Hong Kong Island), the whole top floor of the building is dedicated to fabric sellers with a huge range. As you would expect, with functional air conditioning comes a price though, and you’ll definitely pay a lot more for the wares here. You’ll need to weight up comfort vs price on this one.

Yen Chow Hawkers Bazaar – This is heaven. Not in an aesthetic or comfort sense – in fact it’s pretty much just a shanty town of fabric sellers with tent roofs and stifling hot air – but what they have here is a treasure trove of designer off cuts and real quality.  But take it form me that it’s not for the faint hearted, you’re going to want to wear your least nice clothes and some very comfortable shoes! But with designer offcuts and other high quality fabrics for bargain prices, you’d be crazy not to check it out.

Sham Shui Po – Tai Nan and Ki Lung streets in Sham Shui Po are filled with fabric sellers, so make a great spot to drop into if you’re after something specific and want go buy in larger quantities. Those pretty little cards of fabrics are nice enough along to warrant a visit. Prices here are mid range, although you can often get lucky with quality off cuts and remainders at the front of the stores.

Wearing: Melissa Bui top, Iris & Ink culottes, sandals designed by me.

Photos by Bryant Lee

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