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Two DIY Personalised Bags

DIY Style Nov 28, 2016

DIY Personalised Bags

Is there anything better, in a fashion sense, than putting your own stamp on the things that you wear? Whether it be making something from scratch or adding a little individual twist to an outfit or accessory. Recently, Kate Spade invited me to experiment with their newly launched Give It A Twist concept, where you can add a personal spin to one of their bags or accessories. Being a lover of wanderlust, I was inspired by my next trip to Paris (can it please be soon?!) for the simple update I made to two essential travel bags – the tote and the cross body.

Two DIY Personalised Bags

For those of you out there scared of DIY, this type of simple project is for you – it’s impossible to fail! The first step in the process is obviously all about choosing the style you want to personalize. Knowing that travel is where my bags need to perform the most, we chose a tote and a cross body, the perfect formula for your next trip. Remember the two bag rule? Well these are perfect.

The striped tote is reversible making it  perfect for your next trip. The next step is to choose the luxury stickers, charms, tassels and straps you want to add – we decided to keep it minimal so that our designs would stand the test of time. The thing I love about the letters is that they go on like stickers but have the feel and aesthetics of hardware, making it a really easy update that feels expensive. Such a great idea!

To attach your designs, simple peel the sticker backing away, and then use a hairdryer to set them in place. It’s that easy!

The Paris inspired designs we chose were the perfect update IMHO to the designs!

Et voila! All done!

Now all I need to do is book that plane ticket 🙂


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