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The Challenge: A Week In Denim

How to wear it Nov 9, 2016

A Week In Denim

Have I told you about how I have an inability to pass up a challenge? Must be the Leo in me. So when my friends over at Grana recently asked how I felt about the challenge of a week wearing only denim, I couldn’t pass it up. I mean, how hard is it to just throw on my trusty jeans everyday? But apparently no, the challenge came with terms and that included not just wearing denim, but mixing it up from my usual everyday blues. Turns out it was going to be a little trickier than I thought… Throw in needing to cater for a range off different activities that make up my week – DIYing, shooting, meetings, events, dinners, cocktails and watching netflix – and you’ve got a challenge worth taking!

A Week In Denim

Day 1: The Blue Jean

Naturally on day one I decked myself out in a staple, a simple pair of skinny blue jeans. That wasn’t breaking the rules was it? Mine are a little ripped from a previous excursion into the world of distressing jeans (they’ve worn better and better over time!), but that was fine for a lazy Monday where all I did was go to the flower markets and then swap into some heels for an afternoon meeting.

Wearing: Grana skinny jeans (with DIY rips) and silk tee, J Crew Heels and Celine Bag.

Day 2: The Boyfriend

Now, let me say I have always shied away from boyfriend jeans, feeling that their lack of shape wasn’t all that flattering. But, in the name of the challenge it was time to try something new, and so I decided to give the boyfriends a chance. A day in the studio DIYing and attempting to do my tax, two things that require resilience and comfort, seemed the perfect opportunity test drive this style. And let’s just say I was happily surprised – all the comfort of track pants without that ‘why didn’t you get dressed today’ vibe, particularly when paired with a boyfriend denim shirt. My mind is well and truly changed – and I think I’ve found my new plane attire!

Wearing: Grana Denim Shirt and Boyfriend Jeans, Larson & Jennings watch, Superga sneakers.

Day 3: The Button Up

Back in my natural habitat, the denim skirt was an obvious choice for my personal style and as expected got me easily from meeting to event to sofa. Because the weather has finally started to cool down, it was necessary to layer a cashmere knit over this silk camisole (finally we might get some reprieve from Hong Kong’s crazy humidity!). Not shown: the backpack I lugged around all day with my sweaty gym gear in it…

Wearing: Grana white silk camisole, Grana A-line skirt, Grana cashmere cardigan, Sportsgirl Hat, Oroton Bag, Larrson & Jennings watch.

Day 4: The Two Piece

Also known as the lazy girl’s jump suit, Thursday saw me looking to mix it up, this time in the form of a top and shorts combination that doubles as a onesie – without all that hassle of having to be completely naked when you go to the bathroom. Win! Because I was hitting the streets shooting some travel content during the day (aka: loitering in ‘flower and coffee’ shops – what could be better?) I opted for sneakers over sandals or heels but after a day in ultimate comfort, was tempted to add a pair of heels and grab myself that glass of wine!

Wearing: Grana denim shirt and shorts, Superga sneakers, Larson & Jennings watch.

Day 5: The Blackout

Something I had wondered about all week was how to pull together a more elegant outfit with my denim – Friday dinner with clients called for something a little more fancy. But you know what I realised about denim? Switching up the cut or the colour changes the tone of the outfit completely – these high waisted black jeans turned out to be the perfect mix of sophisticated and grunge, and more on the sophisticated side when paired with silk. The addition of a red lip, velvet choker and hoop earrings (was I OTT on the accessories?!) were all the outfit needed. To put my own stamp on it (and give a little nod to vestments), I created a very quick fringed hem on these black jeans – I’ll be sharing the DIY soon!

Wearing: Grana black denim jeans (DIY raw hem coming soon) and silk camisole, Mode Collective Heels, Celine Bag, DIY velvet choker, Sportsgirl earrings.

Day 6: The All In One

Saturdays are all about being as lazy as you can (post hike that is), and so this denim shirt dress ticked all the right boxes: I could throw it on. Check. It required no fancy bra situation (who can be bothered with a strapless on Saturday?). Check. It has a waist tie that could be adjusted in the event of a huge lunch. Check. Check. Check. Once again I had decided to go back to my staple blue palette, but this time mixing it up with this (ridiculously small) bag and my trusty simple sandals in leopard print.

Wearing: Grana denim shirt dress, bag from Spain, The simple sandal in leopard.

Day 7: The Monochrome

Sunday brunch (down under Aussies refer to this as a ‘sunday sesh’) called for something with a twist, so I decided to try out a little idea I’d been tossing up – the wrapped shirt. It’s pretty simple, all you have to do it tuck your unbuttoned shirt into high waisted jeans (black denim of course), crossing the right side over the left side. Hello wrap top! Make sure it’s wrapped nice and tight so you don’t have any wardrobe malfunctions, not that anyone at the ‘sunday sesh’ would care… As you can see the high waisted denim jeans made another appearance on day 7, it seems I had grown to love everything high waisted (might need to pick them up in the other colours too!).

Wearing: Grana black denim high waisted jeans and boyfriend poplin shirt (wrapped), Chloe bag, market earrings, Witchery boots (not shown).

So, how did I fare on the denim challenge? Not too badly I would say, in fact I think it was really great to challenge myself to style denim in different ways, you’ll be shocked how often I simply wear the same blue jeans. It wasn’t hard per say but I did learn a lot about mixing it up. I noticed that the high waisted black jeans and button up skirt were pieces I gravitated towards on more than one occasion, making them surefire essentials that will definitely have a regular place in my weekly outfit roster from now on!

As usual you can snag yourself 10% off over at Grana when you use the code ‘apasxgrana’.

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