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DIY Wrap Skirt (with pom pom hem!)

Sewing Jan 26, 2017

DIY Wrap Skirt

Wrap skirts are just so easy to throw on, I find myself wearing them at pretty much any opportunity. Much like the DVF wrap dress, there’s something just so comfortable and relaxing about wrapping a skirt around your body and heading off (into the sunset!). And  when you can make a DIY wrap skirt yourself? Even better.

I’m back in Hong Kong right now, where the weather is a little too cool for linen skirts, but that didn’t stop me making one when I was down under last week – and wearing it while out at lunch in Sydney. It’s waiting at the front of my cupboard to be worn again, once the temperature rises a bit. In case it’s colder where you are too? Why not put this one on your list for summer? Start looking for fabric now and make it on a rainy day, talk about all set for Spring! 🙂

DIY Wrap Skirt


Taking your waist and hip measurements, use the diagram to create the skirt pattern. I made my skirt 70cm in length but this skirt can be made as short or as long as you desire.


With your fabric folded in half length ways, cut out the main piece for the skirt and the two strips for the waist tie.


Using the diagram in Step 1 as a guide, mark and pin the darts around the skirt.


Sew the darts in place and iron flat. This tapers the fabric so that it sits well against the body.


Fold the front edges of the skirt in 10cm. You can iron the edge to help keep the flap in place. Then sew to secure.


Pin and sew the 1cm seam allowance down along the waist of the skirt.


Pin and sew the 3cm hem along the bottom edge of the skirt.


With the two strips for the waist tie, pin and sew the two together to create one long continuous strip.


Pin and sew the waist tie in half width wise and then turn it inside out.


Catch the waist tie to the top of the skirt at the front, sides and centre back so that the two will not separate when being worn.


For an extra flourish, pin and sew some pom pom trim (or any other trim that catches your fancy) to the hem of the skirt and you're done!

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A simple trim takes it up a notch!

What better day to share a post featuring the Sydney Opera House than Australia Day? I hope you’re enjoying yourself, no matter where you are in the world!

If you love this DIY Wrap Skirt, make sure you check out this one too!

Photos by Nicola Lemmon.

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