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How to Create An Easy DIY Plant Shelf (We Used Vintage Shelves!)

DIY Projects Jan 19, 2017

DIY Plant Shelf

In another life, I would most certainly be a gardener/nursery owner.

So when Ben asked me to give him a hand with the plants at one of his new restuarants, there was no question in my mind – I self titled myself as ‘Plant Director’ (it’s ye to catch on at home but maybe soon?) and went about my business. This shelf is one of a few plant decor ideas that we put together for The Winery (address at the bottom of the post) – there are so many plants there it’s crazy… Crazy good that is. If you’re in Hong Kong I would strongly suggest getting down there for breakfast, lunch, dinner or two (hundred) drinks! Onto today’s little project – this plant shelf.

How to Create An Easy DIY Plant Shelf

How to

Choose Your Shelf

A trip overseas sourcing vintage for the space saw us pick up a gorgeous shelf – what was actually a vintage pigeon hole/scoreboard from an old football club – and I knew that would have to be a plant shelf. When you know, just just know. Right? This projects is obviously as simple as it gets – so long as you can find the right shelves. I would suggest trying out antique shops, estate sales or flea markets. We then put this on the wall by drilling it directly into the brick on both sides.

Buy Your Plants

I mean, this is the best par to the job right? For this one we used a mix of cacti, succulents, mother in law’s tongue and samfire which is the draping plant. I thought the draping ones were useful as a way of breaking up the regimented look of the shelves. We opted for really low maintenance plants so that we didn’t have to water too often – it’s not that easy getting up there if you have to do it every other day. We got all these ones from the flower markets. Easy! Ps. Read more about choosing plants here and here.

Stock Up on Pots

Sooooooo. It might seem like an easy thing to check a few pots together, but I think for the right visual effect it’s good to pick a theme for your wall and stick with it. We went with a terracotta look, with some typical terracotta pots and also some cylindrical shaped ones to give it a slightly more modern look. I’m considering putting a few more in there, thoughts?

Put it All Together

This is the fun part, so long as you wear gloves so you don’t get pricked by the cacti! Been there, done that. I think something useful to remember when putting all the plants onto the shelves is you don’t want it to be too symmetrical, try to make it a bit random and group things in odd numbers rather than even. Other than that there virtually no rules!

Naturally I catalogued the process in detail via Instagram stories when I did it. It’s not easy potting a cactus with one hand but I made it work! 🙂

Obviously there are lots of different ways to create a plant shelf, and this is a really easy and obvious one, but I can’t wait to do some more in the future and share them with you. Who needs just regular walls when you can have plant shelves instead?


A few more plant projects from this beautiful spot coming soon. If you’re in Hong Kong you must visit The Winery – the address is G/f Kwan Yick Building Phase 3, 158A Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong. Follow them on insta too (sneak peeks of the amazing wallpaper!).


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