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Last Minute Valentine's Wrapping Idea!

DIY Projects Feb 14, 2017

Valentines Wrapping Idea

In case you’re scrambling around for some V day wrapping ideas – last minute like I always am, I wanted to share with you some little love filled parcels I made for my friends this past weekend.

I put little arrow necklaces in there, just because! And even if you’re all set with the wrapping for V day, maybe this is a nice one to share with someone on another day, when they least expect it. Because that’s true love, isn’t it? Ps if you’re looking for something nice to make yourself (or him), can I suggest this DIY lace bralette?

Valentines Wrapping Idea

This project is another take on¬†the one we did at Christmas time, but that was such a fave we couldn’t help but try it in another version! You can find that tutorial here. This time with heart and star confetti instead of tinsel, so cute you might not even want to rip them open! But of course you must.

On the subject of Valentines Day, up until a few years ago¬†I didn’t used to celebrate in a major way. But recently I’ve started to think of it not so much as a day devoted to being in a couple (if you are, shouldn’t every day together be special?) but rather a day to show everyone you love how much they mean to you… Grandparents, friends, brothers, your roommate who helped you get over that bad break up – it’s all love. Looked at it through that lens, to me it means¬†extra long¬†calls to my parents, small handmade gifts¬†for my friends,¬†and getting up extra early to take Ollie on his favourite hike….¬†as well as perhaps wine and a date. Because… wine.¬†You mum and friends would totally love these heart parcels by the way!

In that vein, I’m hoping today is all about love for you, whether that be from someone special, a little bit of TLC that you give yourself¬†or some couch time with your pup (my ultimate!).¬†Thanks to a reader Ana for suggesting to¬†us how good these would be for Valentines Day.¬†Big love to you guys, always.


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