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Question: What's your current fitness routine? (And, is it working?)

Fitness Feb 22, 2017

What's Your Current Fitness Routine?

Guys! I have to confess to a strange fascination with other people’s exercise routines, I always want to know what they do every week and if they think it’s doing any good. It’s some sort of voyeuristic tendency I have, I can’t really explain it.

Every few weeks I whatsapp all my friends and get them to give me an detailed rundown of the classes, hikes and workouts they’ve been trying out. I love it, and they must think I’m completely mad. I recently thought it was funny that I’m yet to share this quirk with you guys, and so I decided I would. I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours?

What’s Your Current Fitness Routine?

2017 – A year of health (and fitness)

In case you’ve forgotten, 2017 for me is all about health and obviously a major part of all that relates to exercise/fitness. Last year wasn’t exactly lazy, it was the complete opposite in fact. To give you some background, at the start of last year Ben and I joined a high intensity circuit training gym and went every day. Seriously. And although you would think that would be the epitome of fitness, to be honest I felt exhausted all the time and wasn’t getting much out of it. In short, I was pretty miserable. Looking back I can see now that in all likelihood the intensity of the work outs was causing me stress, meaning a not-so-good state of mind and a should-be-better level of fitness. Ben, on the other hand, is fitter than he’s ever been (and in his usual high spirits), which just goes to show that there’s no one size fits all when it comes to fitness.

I realised towards the end of last year that in this social media (and boyfriend) driven world it’s easy to subscribe to something that doesn’t actually suit you. That’s why, more than anything 2017 is about being more mindful when it comes to fitness, listening to what makes me feel and, ahem, look (fingers crossed) good and going with that.  Grana recently launched a lovely line of active wear (I’m wearing these leggings and this sports bra), and their campaign focused on the concept of setting your own pace, something that rang pretty true with me.

What I’m doing at the moment…

This is the ‘I’ll show you mine’ bit…

One of the big changes I’ve added to my routine is yoga, something I’ve always had in mind to do but never been bothered. I always thought ‘when I work out I want to actually work out, not just bend over’. I guess I had no idea what yoga actually was… Since January I’ve been doing yoga a couple of times a week, and even in that relatively short time I can honestly say it has done so much for both my mind and my fitness levels. Ok so I’m not hovering on my arms doing the peacock pose yet (in fact, I only just started being able to touch the floor with my fingertips ha), but even without being a guru I can feel the difference it’s making.

I also decided to make my routine more diverse, rather than the same thing everyday. And I love it! In addition to yoga classes I’ve been mixing in pilates, circuit sessions (I still see the benefit of really sweating!) and hikes and I’m feeling way better – so far that is. By adding in a few gentle options I’m nowhere near as stressed as I was last year and I’ve been noticing I feel fitter too. Fyi, this is what this week looked like:

  • Mon: high intensity interval training
  • Tues: morning hike
  • Wed: lagree (aka pilates on a machine)
  • Thurs: hot yoga
  • Fri: high intensity interval training.
  • Sat: hike
  • Sun: vinyasa flow yoga (or, couch time).

Obviously I’m no expert and all I can go by is how I feel, but I guess more than ever I know that you have to experiment and find what works for you. I’ll be doing more of that and I’m looking forward to sharing that with you this year. Excited to get fitter! Maybe we can do it together?


I hope you’re not getting sick of me asking you guys questions, but I’m honestly just so interested in you and I want to know more! With a mind to share more of my health and fitness ‘journey’ with you this year, I wanted to invite you to tell me all about your fitness routine (no, I demand it! haha). I’ve love to hear what you currently do (or don’t do), what’s working or not working, what you’ve done in the past. What exercised surprised you? Or what didn’t you like. Feel free to totally download on me, I can take it. 🙂

And how gorgeous is this yoga studio??? It’s new in Hong Kong and called Kita Yoga, I need these triangle shelves in my life. Definitely check them out if you’re in Hong Kong. Oh fyi, these amazing pink yoga mats are from this new brand, I’ve a mind to get one for home for a bit of netflix and downward dog.

Oh and if you’re in the market for some affordable new activewear, make sure you jump on over to Grana. The pieces I’ve been wearing are super comfortable, and work whether you’re pounding the pavement or hanging on the couch. Ps for the sports bra, they come with cups but you can take them out, which is what I did. Use the code ‘apasxgrana‘ to get 10% off at checkout!

Thanks for making it to the end of this incredibly long post! Ha.

This post in in collaboration with Grana. Photos by Kit Lee. Thanks Kita Yoga for the lovely space.


What's your current fitness routine, and is it working for you?

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