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Where to Buy Rugs Online (On Any Budget)

Styling Tips Mar 6, 2017

Where To Buy Rugs Online

So, now that you know about all our favourite rug types, you probably want to know where to buy them, which is why we’re more than happy to show you where to buy rugs online.

Rugs are definitely those investment pieces that give as much as they get, and provided you treat them well, will last you a lifetime and then some. In my experience though, finding the right rug for a space requires a lot of digging around on the web including late nights sifting through stores on eBay or Etsy. I may or may not have spent entire evenings bookmarking rug “inspirations” that I not so secretly hope to purchase one fine day, but understandably it’s not everyone’s thing! So I thought I’d share with you a list of my favourite online destinations that’ll have you decking out your joint with the best carpets in town!

Where To Buy Rugs Online


There’s a rug out there to suit every taste and budget, whether you want something cheap and cheerful or a piece that you’ll keep forever and probably hand down to your children on day.


Urban Outfitters* I IKEA (Lohals is my fave) I West ElmeCarpet Gallery  I Salaberna Ι Vintage Kilim  I Carpets Mall I Not Only Rugs


Bijan Exclusive Rugs* I Beni Ourain Carpets* I Loom and Kiln Ι  Anthropology I Loom & Field I  Frances Loom Ι The Vintage Rug Shop Ι BE Home Co Ι New York Rug Gallery Ι Kennedy Rose Interiors Ι House of Seance


 Amber Interiors Ι Armadillo & Co Ι Charish Ι Semikah Textiles I Pampa

*Stores I have bought from.

Loom & Kiln

Frances Loom

Kaya Kilims

Loom and Kiln


Good to know

Like with anything you purchase online, there are a few key bits of information that are good to keep in mind before pressing the “Checkout” button.


When it comes to setting your budget for your rug, affordability is obviously relative – rugs tend to be expensive due to the work that goes into making them, particularly if you want a largish sized one. On average a nice, one of a kind, large size, hand made rug will cost you between $500 – $800, but there are plenty of cheaper (or more expensive) options out there. A little tip from me? Lots of rug shops are beautifully curated these days making them easy to imagine in your home, but if you want a good quality rug at a bargain price, make sure to trawl the stores that sell direct from Turkey, Pakistan, and Morocco – the styling isn’t as pretty but the rugs are the same and usually at a smaller mark up. 😉


A huge consideration when buying a rug online is what the shipping will cost. Because rugs are often very (very) heavy, sometimes the shipping can be almost as much as the rug itself. So when looking for a rug, check what the shipping will be, and look for sellers that offer free shipping. Although often they will roll the cost of shipping into the item price, so it’s worth comparing. And take advantage of when stores do free shipping promotions. This is when you can save some cash!

New Stock

Some stores listed below such as Kaya Kilims and Pink Rug Co specialise in specific type of rug while others such as Amber Interiors and Loom and Kiln will stock a wide range. It’s also common for some sellers to release new rugs on a particular day of the week on their social media channels, usually Instgram. For example, Frances Loom releases a fresh batch of stock every Thursday or while others such as Flea Market Fab will notify followers whenever new products come in store. You will need to keep a close eye out on these sellers as they are in high demand and often sell out quickly.


It’s often difficult to tell the size of a rug just by looking at a picture of it online. I’ve been known to both overestimate and underestimate the size of a rug (cue: trying to style your living room floor with a door mat). Before purchasing your rug, make sure you measure both the size of your room as well as the size of the area your furniture occupies so you know the proportions of the space you are working with. Depending on the country of origin of the online store, standard rug sizes are usually given in feet although sometimes they may not specify, so a 5×7 will indicate a 150x210cm sized rug.

Return & Exchanges

While the size of a rug can be more easily estimated and quantified, sometimes you buy a rug thinking it looks perfect in your space online. Like with anything sometimes it’s a process of trial and error and a rug may arrive and end up looking not quite right in your space. Note the lighting used – if bright sunlight know it will look different indoors. Of course, while things like this get better with practice (any excuse to buy more rugs right?), it’s definitely worth checking the returns and exchanges policy before buying from an online seller. This’ll save you the headache (and heartache) of trying to re-home a rug and forking out the extra cash to buy another.

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