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A Quick Jewellery Storage Idea

Styling Tips Aug 24, 2017

Jewellery Storage Idea

Does anyone else struggle with storing their jewellery? I know I do!

Which is why I guess I spend lots of time pondering jewellery storage ideas. What can I say? I like to mix it up and experiment.  Some are easy like this Delicate Jewellery Storage and others are a bit more involved like this Leather Jewellery Dish. I’m also a big fan of using vintage bowls to lay out my pendants and rings, but often find that they get tangled and mixed up in a way that makes it hard to just throw something on.

A Quick Jewellery Storage Idea

However, I recently spied this idea of using a vintage glass juicer as storage. Having put it into practice, it was clear that the shape of the prongs does an amazing job of separating your rings and necklaces… and stopping that dreaded tangle! I simply had to share it with you. Are you into it? Or do you feel like it’s slightly too kitchen chic?

If you’re into it, I recommend you check out your local thrift shop, they often have lots of these pretty glass juicers… Mix them up with some antique bowls, metal trays and glass boxes and you’ll have solutions for all your different types of jewellery.

Currently on my vanity

A bunch of Protea flowers, a glass jewellery box from H&M Home, Byredo’s Gypsy Water, Mecca Cosmetica Body Oil, A Lumira candle in Sirocco, Gold statement earrings from Mango and H&M, a Larson & Jennings watch, a beautiful big antique round mirror from Thailand, a tray from H&M Home, pendant necklaces from HunterxHunter.

Looking for more jewellery storage ideas? Try this DIY Plywood Jewellery Pyramid and this DIY Porcelain Jewellery Stand!


Let us know your thoughts!

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