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What To Wear To A Wedding... (An ode to the jumpsuit)

Wardrobe Tips Sep 3, 2017

What To Wear To A Wedding

Wedding season. There’s never a better time for experimenting with your wardrobe, right?

But every time a wedding rolls around I inexplicably find myself completely unprepared, staring at the clothes in my wardobe hoping to conjure up something a) chic b) comfortable and c) photogenic… because let’s be honest – there are going to be plenty of photographs!

But with a number of weddings coming up in the next few months, it’s time to invest in a little preparation. In collaboration with Review, here are a few rules I’ll be applying to my wedding season apparel this year.

How to choose the perfect wedding outfit

Considering Jumping… Headlong into a jumpsuit.
For me, the ultimate solution to wedding dressing is a fancy jumpsuit – whether it be with a vintage feel print or in a feminine fabric like lace. I’ve made a few in my time as you will know, see an example here. If you’re time or skills poor, there are lots of many nice ones on the market, and the reason I love them is that they are so comfortable to wear and allow you to move around as much as you like, and also have a certain cool factor that takes you up a level from your usual cocktail dress. Opt for fancy cut out shoulders, low backs or wide legs for a statement outfit.

Go high (or go low)
Footwear huh? The ultimate question. When deciding what footwear to wear to a wedding, it’s all in the details, like how long you’ll be standing, where the wedding is being held and what you’ll be doing. In general I like to wear heels to weddings because I rarely wear them in daily life and that makes the day feel kinda special, but sometimes flats are the go and work well if you’re wearing a maxi dress, and other times a wedge might just be the ticket to get you through the day.

Experiment with colours
I’m not a stickler for tradition, but one thing I stand by is that you can’t wear white to a wedding. Call me old fashioned but it’s one of the few social rules I adhere to. In my experience even the most chilled bride can be annoyed that someone is wearing white on their day, so why risk it? Because of that, I see weddings as a great opportunity to experiment with colour, and wear something I wouldn’t usually wear, rather than always just reaching for black. Pattern, prints and jewel tones are perfect for an afternoon/evening soiree.

Keep it simple
When in doubt don’t overcomplicate it – chances are you’re going to be on your feet all day and it’s going to be long so wear something chic but comfortable, with simple neutral toned accessories that compliment your outfit.


Outfit 1: Garden Party Jumpsuit, Black Darcy Pump & Dainty Clutch in Ruby
Outfit 2: Polo Club Playsuit, Ciara Clutch in Blush and Black Darcy Pump

This post is in collaboration with Review and Shopping Links.


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