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DIY Holiday LED Leaf Garland

Holiday Nov 21, 2017

DIY Holiday LED Leaf Garland

Hi guys! I’m feeling kind of festive and have started thinking about decor ideas for the holidays, naturally, and I have to say it’s the best time to get crafty in your space.

String lights are something I always like to experiment with at this time of year, there’s just something so magical about twinkling lights around the house. You’ll remember I created a DIY String Light Christmas Tree and DIY Lit Up Star over the last few years and found them to be the perfect minimalist decor. So string lights, always, thanks! To celebrate the season and Ace Hardware’s new fun online decor shop, we’re getting together to share with you how to make your own lit up leaf garland, a super versatile piece that can be used to decorate an exterior doorway, a room arch, a bedroom or really anything at all! Ace offers some great pre lit garland options, but since I live in a smaller space with no room for a tree, I wanted to use some of my favorite LED lights from their selection to create a real DIY garland for the holidays.

DIY Holiday LED Leaf Garland

Because I’ve used string lights so much, I’m always on the lookout for an innovative product to make crafting easier. I HAVE to share these amazing Celebrations Micro Wire Dot Lights from Ace Hardware with you. Not only are they are absolutely gorgeous (the tiny micro lights give the impression of pretty fireflies) but the wire they come mounted on is so (so!) easy to manipulate, making them the best lights I’ve ever used for a project. I seriously recommend them. I also like these LED Cluster Twinkle Lights. Not only do they expend less energy since they’re LED lights, but their shape actually makes them look like fairy twinkle lights! So cute. In case you’re wondering, we’ve chosen LED bulbs for this project because they’re the most cost effective type out there, and have an 80% energy saving compared to normal bulbs.

You need

How to


Start by cutting the rope to the length that your will need for your garland. We did ours around 5 yards.



Trim your greenery into small pieces, and remove any small leaves around the stems.


Using your florist’s wire, securely attach one piece of foliage to the rope, and wire it on.


Keep adding pieces of foliage to the rope and wiring them on, moving down as you go and making sure to cover up the rope.


Once you are finished, lay out your lights next to the garland, and carefully wrap them on. Because these amazing microdot lights are on wire it's easy to secure them.



To hang, simply use a few hooks to drape it from (the 3M hooks can easily be removed from the walls with ruining the paint so that’s what we used). Place the hooks in a few spots where you want the top of the garland to hang and then tie it onto the hooks using some rope.


This is such an easy and pretty holiday DIY project that you can place pretty much anywhere around your house! Here, it’s been put over the table to spruce up the space where we entertain for the holidays, but there are so many options. I think it would also look amazing around a front door, with a lovely wreath (like this one from Ace Hardware) to top it all off.

Check out your local Ace before getting started on your own holiday and lighting projects – they can help you find the perfect lights for your space, and they’re offering a sale on holiday LED lighting and décor from 11/29 through 12/11! You can save time by ordering your lights and décor online and utilizing your local Ace’s free store pickup option!

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

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