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Between Season Wardrobe Edit (And Party Updates!)

Wardrobe Rehab Nov 2, 2017

Between Season Wardrobe Edit

Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve shared with you my closet updates, and given that we’re going into a new season I thought it would be a great opportunity to show you what I’ll be wearing in the coming months.

It’s thankfully started to cool down in Hong Kong a little bit and I’m excited to be able to experiment with different outfits – it’s that perfect weather where you can wear a jacket but you don’t have to. Amazing! That said, I’ll be heading to Australia quite a lot in the next few months, so the things I add to my closet need to do double duty or at least be somewhat versatile.

Also, around this time of year I’m always on the lookout for simple but luxe pieces that can be styled for parties and holiday events… In case it slipped your mind for a second the festive season is fast approaching! ¬†As usual, my friends over at Grana have some amazing new styles (they have lots of cool things on their website atm… use the code ‘apasxgrana for 10% off!) and so I’ve¬†added a few new styles from them and also a couple of other bits here and there, inspired mainly from outfits I’ve pinned on Pinterest… As you do! ¬†Read on to see what versatile items I’m adding to get me through the transitional weather annnnd cover me for any early holiday parties.

What I’m Adding to My Wardrobe

Knit on Bottom, Knit on top¬†Does anyone else find it hard to get their hands on the perfect chunky knit? Every year I feel like I look and look but can never find one that’s soft and light and fuzzy and pretty much a comfy blanket for your body. Grana always has really great wool and cashmere and this year they’ve launched a few thicker knit styles – one with a nice chunky turtleneck and the other with a gorgeous textured pattern. While it’s warmer I’ll be pairing them with a leather mini and ankle boots, and once it cools down they’ll go well with jeans or some flared wool trousers (stay tuned for that DIY!). You could also pair them with this ribbed knit skirt for a full body experience, if you dare!

The Silk Dress¬†During the¬†between seasons I still wear silk dresses, but pair them with boots, tights and knits on days when it’s colder. This utility dress¬†is perfect – As you guys know I’ve been a fan of the utility style since I added my first green parka to my collection a decade ago, and the aesthetic has been with me ever since, mainly because it’s so versatile. For something a little more slinky and party-ready, Grana have also just released their gorgeous silk v neck slip dress in gold and red!

The Silk Jumpsuit You guys know about my enduring love of jumpsuits, and this black silk wide leg style¬†is about wearable as they come. ¬†The wraparound style makes it pretty darn comfortable and also perfect for one of those inevitable work to party situations. Throw on a big necklace or fantastic earrings (see below) and you’re good to go.

The Ear Party¬†I can’t believe I went without wearing earrings for so long! Now that I’m back on the ear party train I have to say they rarely come off. A simple thick gold hoop has been my mainstay, but something a little fancier has entered my wardrobe since my friend launched The East, check it out!

A ¬†Silk Scarf One of the most versatile items of the season, you’ve probably noticed silk scarves everywhere. Tied in your hair, on your bag, around your wrist, the options are endless and they’re the perfect way to add some colour and detail to your outfit without having to spend big. They don’t give off a whole lot of warmth for when it gets colder but let’s just chalk this one down to aesthetics, shall we?

Everything straw¬†Whether you’re leaving or entering the warmer months, imho the straw bag is here to stay. I mean, you don’t need to be on your way to the beach to enjoy a lightweight, chic tote that doesn’t cost a fortune (or the earth!). And I also love the look of pairing a chunky knit and jeans with a straw bag.

A Block Heel  For a long time I went off heels completely, but have recently come back around by way of the mid-height block heel sandal or court shoe.They give you a little extra spring in your step for fancy holiday party occasions, without making you want to go home after about 20 minutes.

The Extreme Cat Eye¬†You may have noticed that the cat eye sunglasses shape has been around for the last few years, and I recently caved into the extreme cat eye! I was dubious at first because it’s a serious statement look, but after wearing them a few times I realised that they add some fun to even the most simple outfit. Yay!

New items I’m adding: Grana Chunky Turtle Neck, Grana Silk Slip Dress, Grana black silk jumpsuit, Grana Ribbed Knit Skirt, Ikea Belly Basket, Le Specs Sunglasses, The East Earrings, Sezane Block Heels, Zara Scarf.

This post is in collaboration with Grana. Make sure to use the code ‘apasxgrana’ for 10% off at checkout!

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Silk Slip Dress $79

Silk Utility Dress $99

Chunky Turtleneck $129

Ribbed Knit Skirt $89

Silk Wrap Jumpsuit $149

Silk Slip Dress $79

Cashmere Textured Knit $140


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