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We bought a house!

Our Renovation Jan 30, 2018

We bought a house!

So this post is a very exciting/terrifying one to share.

You’ll remember that late last year I mentioned something major happening in early 2018, well I’m finally able to spill. For a few years now Ben and I have been considering buying a place in Australia, even though we technically live in Hong Kong, we’ve been wanting to put down some roots for ages, knowing that we’ll be heading home for good in the near future. Last year we made the decision to splurge/set fire to our money/invest on this run down workers cottage in Brisbane, the tropical city that I grew up in… I present you, we bought a house, the series!

Update: For the before and after photos of our renovation, as well as the links to each room reveal, see here.


We bought a house!

The Fixer Upper

This is the house! Isn’t she cute? But don’t judge a book by its cover, this place is a fixer-upper of the highest order. A cottage built in 1871, it’s completely run down… And because of the building code requirements (more on all the details soon!) we are going to have to do a scary amount of work to the house prior to it being livable, so basically we’re embarking on a MASSIVE renovation – taking it from this ramshackle cottage to a space that we can live and potentially work (and have a family!) in. Whilst, of course, staying true to the local character and the things we love about it now.

It might look cute and quaint but in reality, walls are falling down, there are giant holes in the floor and the veranda at the back is collapsing…. and watch that third step! It’s a doozy. That said, this little house has plenty of unique elements that we are so (soooo!) into which we’ll be making a big part of the final design. I’ll be sharing a whole heap of before photos and more details about what we’ll be doing to it for you later in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, you can check out the video below for a sneak peek of the space.

People who renovate together stay together (RIGHT?!)

For the first time ever Ben and I have been working together on this daunting/exciting project – even though we sit arms length away from each other and chat pretty much all day (Ben has to tell me to zip it sometimes!), we’ve always done a great job of keeping our working lives fairly separate… He and his staff work on his interior design business and we make a mess (aka sew and glue our fingers together and take photos and create content). So this is probably going to present a few new challenges, but whatever doesn’t kill you/your relationship makes you stronger… Right?

Luckily up to this point it seems we generally we compliment each other – he’s practical while I’m a bit out there, and he knows what matters in design where I have a tendency to obsesses about the details. He’s definitely the yin to my yang (or is it the yang to my yin?) so I’m excited to see it all come together.


What would you like to see in this series?

Throughout this series we’ll be sharing sooo much about the process with you – lots of videos, photos, DIYs, how to guides and decor ideas. A lot has happened already so I’m looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt so far. And then the big reveal! With Ben as my wingman (or, more likely, me as his) we’ll have lots of real life, certified-by-a-professional tips, tricks and hacks to share with you. Plus we’ve teamed up with lots of fun partners to give you the inside scoop on everything renovation related (brb, googling bronze tapware). And don’t worry, you don’t have to own a house to get involved – there will be lots of decor, DIY projects, interiors and design ideas suited to both renters and owners. Yipee!

But what we’d love to know from you guys is what you’d like to see throughout this series – do you want the nitty gritty renovation details, timelines, costs and experiences with contractors? Or are you more about the DIYs, decor and design ideas? Chances are we’ll share a little bit of both but it would be great to know your thoughts on what level of detail to go into. Excited to share it all with you!

Stay tuned later this week for an image fest of all the before photos! 

Photos by Nicola Lemmon, Video editing by Rosie Lord. Dress from Shilla the label.


What would you like to see in this series?

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