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Here's how to make these structural planters... In less than a minute!

Plants Feb 8, 2018

How To Make These Structural Planters

Give your plant the planter it deserves…

Recently I’ve been seeing so many planters that are more than just simple (aka boring) vessels – often now they’re works of art! And they should be, I mean, your plant deserves the best doesn’t it? I recently stumbled upon this gorgeous planter and really really wanted it… I can just picture it nestled in the corner of our home post renovation! It’s waiting patiently in my cart along with this and this, but in the meantime, I decided to take matters into my own hands and upgrade a few simple planters into something a little more interesting… By stacking them together!

How To Make These Structural Planters

This little update to the home requires barely any explanation… But I will anyway! All you need to do is gather a few different planters, and stack them together. Add the smaller shapes underneath and the bigger ones on top. And you can use a variety of things for the bottom shape – smaller planters, bowls, cups, anything really. If you want yours to be permanent simply glue the pieces together, but I’m always changing up my decor so thought I would simply stack. Mske sure you choose colours and design that go well together, so you’ve got a somewhat cohesive look.

If you’re looking for a few other planter ideas, make sure to check this post out! And for those of you wondering about indoor plant care, we got you.

And you guys! So many of you often ask where the homewares and other items I have on here  are from, so I thought it was time to add an items feature to some of my posts, with a few recommendations here and there. Hope that helps!

Planters I’m Loving Right Now


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