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January Favourites

Feb 2, 2018

January Favourites

Hey guys!

I always find I have so many discoveries over the course of a month which are interesting but maybe don’t need a whole post, so I think this could be a good outlet! Introducing a new series on the blog – a monthly favourites column where we give you the rundown of things we’ve been buying, reading, eating and making in the month just gone.

January Favourites


I’m not sure about you guys but I’m so into everything with the mustard and blush colour combo at the moment. I recently snapped up¬†this Mango pinafore¬†which I feel like could work for both cold and hot weather. Top it off with a mustard beret and it’s like Pinterest threw up on you.

On the beauty front, I’m back in Hong Kong for a little while and the weather is freeeeeezing. Guys I’m not cut out for this! (Cue the collective eyeroll from people who live in actual cold countries). So my beauty routine has pivoted to super hydrating and moisturising including this calendula face mask. Stayin in and masking is the new going out! Which reminds me of this amazing cartoon.


The first thing I do when I get back to Hong Kong is some Sunday cooking – I usually make a bunch of different things that we can eat throughout the week. This week that included some granola (I added dried figs which were yummy!) and some homemade labna, which I add to everything! I also made Halloumi Tika Masala this week – after seeing this recipe. I went with a more traditional version though – using masala paste from a jar (hopefully my grandmother isn’t reading this) and yoghurt. Weird but good weird.

I’ve been really feeling motivated to make DIY projects that reduce our toll on the earth, and have ideas flooding my head. First up? Some¬†linen napkins. In case you missed them, we’re also making this mini skirt, this stump stool and this cutlery holder in the month of Jan.


The best thing about cold weather? You don’t have any guilt about staying in and reading a book or watching a series. Summer can be so stressful in that regards can’t it? You feel like you need to be outside ENJOYING the day.

Read this article about the effects of phone use a while ago, but thought it was interesting and useful, whether you’re an iGen or not.

Over the holidays I finished Manhattan Beach, Commonwealth and Little Fires Everywhere.

Oh and in case you’re looking to learn a new creative skill for FREE check out my post from last year, with 2 months free access to Skillshare.

If you’re following along with the Healthy Habits series, chances are you probably wanna upgrade your activewear. I¬†stumbled upon Girlfriend Collective and fell for their colours, the fact that the fabric is made from recycled water bottles and the diverse bodies on their site. Those tones.¬†Haven’t purchased yet but keen to!


Does anyone else feel the urge to do a little interiors overhaul at the beginning of the year? Pair that with our new house project and my interiors brain is about to explode!

At the beginning of Jan I got stuck in an art hole for a whole day – you know when you’ve got like a zillion things to do but you get obsessed with finding something online? I got this boob print and this flower lady one too. I find that inexpensive prints are an easy way to update a space without blowing your budget (just sayin).

I also got this painted mug after stumbling upon it on Etsy, not sure what’s with the boob theme at the moment but I’m going with it.

Finally, you know you’re old when discovering affordable¬†brass tapware is the pinnacle of your day.

This was going to be a short update but it turned out rather long. Apologies! 

Moodboard Images: Sri Lanka Map,  Watercolor Painting by Bernadette Marie Pascua, Flower Bath from Design Love Fest, Mustard and pink sweather from here, Boobs mug, Mustard Rug, Ribbon and paint brushes, Studio Tour from SFGirlByBay, 


Let us know your thoughts!

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