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February Favourites

Uncategorized Mar 1, 2018

February Favourites

Hey guys! Ready for another monthly favourites?

I really enjoyed putting together a list of my discoveries last month, and it was lovely to see so many of you checked out the links that I shared! This month I’ve been deep into home renovating and decor ideas, which has to be one of the most enjoyable things around (as long as you don’t think about prices or budget!). Ben and I are back in Australia now, I’m running an event in Sydney next week and working on the house in the meantime. It’s coming along really quickly. Here are some things I loved in the month of February.

February Favourites


Never one to miss an opportunity to dress the part, I’ve been buying more overall dresses this month! These ones are perfect paired with a striped long sleeve top. Throw on some high vis and steel cap boots and you’re demolition ready (kinda).

You know when you find something online and you just havvvve to have it? This romper made do a double and triple take. It’s waiting in my cart!

The last restock of the nude Simple Sandals sold out super fast, but we’ve got a few back in for those of you who’ve been wanting to get your hands on them. Run, don’t walk!

Did you hear? Beaded bags are the new straw bags.


Discovered this gorgeous hotel in Sri Lanka, which is soooo my vibe. I definitely recommend a visit to SL if you’re on the hunt for your next destination. You might want to check out this guide first which gives you all the basics.

Visiting Hong Kong? Don’t miss pretty Lantau Island!


Wahhhhh so many ideas in my head about DIYs to make for the new house… I adore the amazing safari inspired curtains at The Now and feel like they need to be incorporated in some way… But how?! Also, for the first time in my life I may or may not be getting a walk in wardrobe.  This is no small thing and requires plenty of planning – we’re going for something simple and off the rack but with a few designer/mid-century touches (designer inspired without blowing the budget – it’s the theme of the reno!).

This month we got down to business showing you how to master a few simple macramé knots, and then made this gorgeous chandelier! In the outfit department, you’d be crazy not to grab yourself a pair of scissors and make this easy DIY wrap top. And because we’re all about wrapped styles at the moment, you might want to check out this DIY dress too!

Feeling peckish? Make this guilt free blueberry ‘cheesecake’.

Absolutely loving the whole dried flower trend… I spotted it everywhere when I was in Japan last year so not surprised it’s going global. Stay tuned for a bunch (tehe!) of ways to make your own.


Have you guys read any Ask Polly? I’m such a fan! I first read this column a while ago and it really resonated with me, and then downloaded her book and read it in, like, a day. Her no bs approach to life has me sold!

This made me lol. She always does!

Influencers vs Enablers. Tres interesting (and kinda reflects my thoughts on the online space).

Mesmerised by the colours of Stella Maria Baer.


We’re full steam ahead on our house renovation… In case you missed it we talked about How to Plan Your Renovation and How to develop A Renovation Budget. Might not sound super sexy but these steps are so important to the whole process!

Because of this, I’ve been doing soooo much inspiration gathering, it honestly never stops. I love the vibe of this cool co-working space in San Francisco. How cool are those planters?!

I’m all about adding the finishing touches right now (which is hilarious given our renovation isn’t finished) but totally drawn to these amazing gem fruits… Heart eyes!

Structural planters are everywhere right now, why not make your own? And invest a little time in decluttering and then make a simple woven box using rope and a recycled cardboard box!

Moodboard images via Tess Guinery, Domino Magazine, Free People, Pop & Scott, Coming Soon NYC, Stella Maria Baer.


Let us know your thoughts!

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