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April Faves

May 1, 2018

April Faves

Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe how quickly the months have been flying by!

When I first got pregnant it felt like my due date was an eternity away, but now we’re three months away and, yep, it’s crunch time. I’ve got a serious amount of birth prep to do (yoga, pilates, classes, etc etc etc) as well as a mountain off prepping to have time off post bub, I just know the next few months will be over in the blink of an eye. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite discoveries from the last month. Enjoy!

April Faves


Been eyeing off some of these new Linen pieces… This jumpsuit and A-line dress might work for months 8 and 9 of pregnancy right? *sizes up* (ps grab 10% off using the code ‘apasxgrana’).

My friend Amanda Shadforth (of Oracle Fox) has just launchedĀ an incredible project, sign up to learn more!


It was a creativemonth in April! We made Leather cushions, Dried Flowers, the first piece in my maternity wardrobe, Fringed Fan EarringsĀ and lots of DIYs that we are putting in the renovation, so I’ll be sharing those soon!

I also learnt about how to bake! I’ve always loved cooking but the science of baking has escaped me…

Looking for a few new season projects? We got you covered! Why not try this DIY Wrap Top, DIY Linen Wrap Skirt, DIY Beach Towel Strap, DIY Cross Back Dress.

Eating this all weekend long…


I’ve been reaching for lots of yummy natural products recently, and loving how many ways you can use simple Jojoba oil – hair, face, stretching belly. Everywhere!

Another amazing natural deodorantĀ on the radar and I love it.

About ten years ago I discovered Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick, and have bought it ever since. At the time it seemed like a big expense (and it’s not cheap) but it truly makes you glow. I noticed they have a three pack limited edition palette out… It’s in my cart.

Bought my first essential oil diffuser. Everything I’ve read says it’s good for birth so I thought why not start early? Tips are very welcome.


Did AlgorithmsĀ ruin personal taste? Quite a long article but one that resonated – algorithms are so good at showing us things they know we will like, but is that at the expense of discovering new, different, things? Definitely a reason to go offline when you’re looking for inspiration!

10 Beauty TechniquesĀ (you shouldn’t use in real life).

Got any good book recommendations?


Everything is happening with the renovation. Thanks for helping us to choose the tile pattern! So many great ideas there.

Fell for this amazing brand. I want everything. And this tour of their studio is 100% goals.

It just feels wrong sleeping on anything but linen these days, and there are a few amazing brands on my radar… How gorgeous is this colour?

I wanna recreate the amazing glass and plant wall in the above mood board, discovered via Kate Lavie’s Instagram stories.

Always adding more art to the home, and once again I discovered a new love via Instagram – Maria Laura Fendi. So pretty!

I’ve been following Mandy Moore’s new home renovation by Sarah Sherman Samuel, and love it! This sneak peek of the guest room had my DIY juices flowing.

Love a beautiful space that also feels lived in (sometimes it can feel like a space is great in photos but not that comfortable for actual life).

How do we feel about cactus leaves as decor? I love, but ben calls them empty scrotums šŸ˜

The tiles in this home are A++


Travel has slowed down a little bit over the last few months as we renovate and also ready ourselves for bubs arrival. That doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream! Can’t wait for bub to be old enough to come with us on an adventure… Along with the crazy mountains of stuff you need for babies #packlight.

I wanna go here!

A little getaway here would go down well right now.


Let us know your thoughts!

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