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Hong Kong Guide: Exploring The Sea Caves & Arches of Sai Kung

Travel Guides May 29, 2018

Hey guys! I’m back with another post, all about the gorgeous hidden gems of Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors.

As I’ve mentioned over and over, what I love most about Hong Kong is the little known fact that it is surrounded by lush and verdant green spaces, and stunning beaches and coves. You’ll probably be shocked to find out that Hong Kong is made up of two-thirds country park! So you’d be crazy not to explore them if you come visiting. Recently Hong Kong Tourism asked me to be part of a new tourism campaign – all about sharing Hong Kong’s lesser-known outdoor treasures with a range of new green tours, as part of their new Great Outdoors campaign. The new campaign offers five incredible outdoor tours, each run by qualified eco-tour guides. A little while ago I shared our first tour which was all about hiking Hong Kong’s traditional villages, and today I’ll be showing you a recent tour we went on – an amazing boat trip around the gorgeous sea coves in Hong Kong’s north.

Watch the Video Below!

Boating The Sea Caves of Sai Kung: The Tour

There’s nothing more I love than getting out on the water, and this amazing tour of Sai Kung’s Geopark was the perfect day out. Trust me when I say, you don’t have to be a rock nerd to enjoy the sea caves, tombolos and volcanic columns of this region.

Located in the East and Northeast New Territories, the Geopark includes the Sai Kung Volcanic Rock Region and the Northeast New Territories Sedimentary Rock Region and showcases Hong Kong’s timeless and eerily beautiful landforms.

We start the day on Sai Kung’s pier, where our lovely guides show us to a gorgeous old teak junk boat. First stop? Sharp Island. A relic of an ancient volcano that erupted 140 million years ago, the island is covered in rocks formed from volcanic fragments and magma. I loved walking the Tombolo between Sharp Island and the nearby Kiu Tau Island.

Next up, it was time to venture onto open water to visit Bluff Island, Wang Chau and Basalt Island, to get a glimpse of the volcanic cliffs, sea caves and sea arches. I was blown away by the gorgeous rock formations. It’s definitely worth seeing.

Turning back towards home, we took the long way home through the gorgeous blue seas of Sai Kung Bay, stopping now and again to look at various rock and sea caves. It was a lovely day!

Get more info on this tour here! Missed out on our first expedition? Here’s a guide to: Hiking Hong Kong’s Traditional Villages

This post is in collaboration with Hong Kong Tourism Board.



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