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Taipei Travel Guide

Travel Jul 26, 2018

Taipei Travel Guide

Bustling night markets, colorful traditional temples, and soupy dumplings are probably the images that come to mind when you think of Taipei? Yes, it’s definitely all those things, but so much more!

While I’m out enjoying/surviving a little bit of maternity leave, I thought it would be fun to share with you some inspiration from my favourite bloggers around the world. First up? Liesl and Tieneke, two friends who’ve been living in Taipei for over ten years! Over on their lifestyle blog, A Style Alike, they cover all the good stuff; Travel, Fashion, Beauty, Food, and most importantly, their exciting lives in one of Asia’s most underrated cities, Taipei. Today they’ll be sharing a quick guide to this amazing city. Enjoy!

Taipei Travel Guide

See & Do

For the best view of Taipei 101 and the city, hike up Elephant Mountain (Xiangshan) at sunset.

Go Antique shopping! Delicate Antique and A Design & Life Project are two of our faves.

See local food shops, traditional tea houses and historical architecture by walking down Dihua Street and through one of Taipei’s oldest neighborhoods, Dadaocheng.

Check out gorgeous lifestyle stores Succuland, VVG Something and The Town Crier.

View exhibitions, buy local crafts, and experience Taipei’s art and culture hubs at Huashan 1914 Cultural & Creative Park and Songshan Cultural & Creative Park.

Get the perfect Instagram shot at the National Theater & Concert Halls.

Get a feel for this vibrant city by exploring Ximending, a colorful and bustling neighborhood with many cute shops and snaking alleys.

Escape the concrete jungle by taking on a hiking trail in Yangmingshan National Park, or have a picnic in Daan Forest Park, Taipei’s version of New York City’s Central Park.

Observe ancient rituals, offerings and prayers at Longshan Temple.

Wander down the trendy Fujin Street where you’ll find plenty of cute cafes, boutiques, flower shops and furniture stores.

Take a relaxing stroll along the riverfront, and down Old Street, past local food stalls, traditional and street performers, restaurants, shops and cafes in Tamsui. Stay until sunset for a magical view over the water.

Shop ‘til you drop at the many retail shops located in the Zhongxiao Dunhua and Xinyi areas.

Eat & Drink

A visit to Taipei wouldn’t be complete without indulging in the most delicious steamed dumplings and xiao long bao at Din Tai Fung

Try anything and everything at the Raohe Night Market.

Be spoiled for choice at YongKang Street, and try mango shaved ice at Smoothie House.

Go have a hearty, but healthy, brunch at the beautiful (and delicious) Sugar Pea.

For the best vegan/vegetarian options in town, you have to go to Ooh Cha Cha, PLANTS and MissGreen.

Super hungry after a day of exploring? You can’t go wrong with the amazing toasties at Toasteria. More restaurants we recommend for when you’re on the verge of “hangry”, are Liquid Bread Co., ACME Breakfast Club, URBN Culture and The Diner.

Need a caffeine fix? A few cafes we LOVE are One Fifteen, The Antipodean, KiOSK and Drunk Cafe.

Some of the best desserts in town can be found at Heritage Bakery & Cafe and Yellow Lemon.

Find a CoCo (they are all over town!) and try a refreshing bubble milk tea.

See more of our favorite places to eat and drink in Taipei, here.


Splurge on a luxurious stay at The S Hotel, W Taipei or Humble House.

Opt for an Airbnb apartment in a convenient location like Daan, Xinyi, Wanhua, Zhongzheng or Songshan Districts.

Good To Know

Walk, walk, walk! Taipei is a great city to explore on foot.

Make use of Taipei’s excellent public transportation; the MRT (subway) is easy to use and taxis are everywhere. Rent a YouBike and leisurely explore the city.

Purchase an EasyCard at any MRT station, which you can reload money on and use for all public transportation in Taipei.

Exploring the markets

VVG Something

Delicate Antiques

Sugar Pea

A Design & Life Project



Swell Co. Cafe

Delicate Antique

Thanks so much for this amazing post ladies! Visit their blog, A Style Alike, for plenty more about life, style and food in Taipei. And don’t forget to invite them along for a coffee when you’re in town!


Let us know your thoughts!

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