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October Faves

Nov 19, 2018

Better late than never, right?

October was a busy month, with a lot of travel (Australia, Cambodia) and also a need to really get stuck into the end of year projects… Doing all that while wrangling an ever growing baby has been an interesting challenge, but seeing Frankie so quickly grow into a little girl is so so amazing. Here’s what was on my mind/hands/heart last month!


Since reading the IPCC report on Climate Change a little while ago I have to say I’ve been feeling what many have coined ‘climate despair’. This new report put in clear and alarming terms just what we have done and what we are continuing to do to our beautiful planet. I grew up in a very environmentally conscious household so it’s nothing new to me, but  I honestly haven’t been able to sleep thinking about it, and with a new baby it feels like the future is all the more real for me. Anyway, I’ve been doing a fair share of reading and wanted to share with you a few pieces that I have found useful for getting through it, and for inspiring useful change; Don’t Despair and Beans Instead of Beef.

In other news, I have read so many books in the last few weeks, turns out breast feeding is a great way to get your word intake up! Transcription, Give Me Your Hand and a whole series of Carl Hiaasin novels.

You might want to check out my New York guys here, here and here. And Siem Reap!

Associated a little bit too much with this article about social media. 😐


We’re making floral DIYs, an off the shoulder dress and 12 easy home projects.

In case you’re looking to get creative this Christmas how about making some DIY wreaths, an easy DIY Christmas tree tree, try some creative gift wrap using fabric or paper.

Loving this jacket update!


I am really feeling everything related to vintage Italian bombshell style… Gimme cinched in waists, fruit earrings, headscarves and a red lip! This Instagram is inspiring my current style mood.

My fave bed linen brand has launched a gorgeous clothing line, so pretty and comfy (I wear mine on the plane and it’s perfect!).

Have been using this moisturiser for a while and I really like what it has been doing for my tried mama skin.

The new Cult Gaia clothing collection is so so beautiful. This is stunning.


Where to put your rugs.

Anyone else want to cover their walls in baskets?

Found a few new artists I love – Bobby  Clark , Codie Connor and Emma Gale.

Felling alllll the fancy/weird/wacky vases right now. Like these and these.


Shared my Fourth Trimester Essentials (the stuff you need for you) and my Baby Essentials (the stuff you need for bub).

I love the new Zulu & Zephyr mini collection!

I found my women’s health physio visit so helpful in the months after giving birth, I found this interesting.


Let us know your thoughts!

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