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Merry Christmas & Highlights of 2018!

Creative Business Dec 23, 2018

DIY Leaf Wreaths

Happy holidays guys!

Having touched down in Australia a few days ago, we spent the first few days in Adelaide working on a really exciting projects that I’ll share early next year. With that all done, it feels good to finally be able to take a deep breath, pause and relaxxxxxxx. It’s been an amazing year, one that has challenged me every step of the way, but also helped me to understand just how much is possible. Having baby Frankie has obviously been a life changing, lesson-teaching, hair pulling, heart exploding event. But I feel so lucky to have this opportunity! Annnndd to be able to bring a new perspective to what I do here!

Above all else, I really wanted to say thank you to all of you, every year I grow to know you guys more and more, and I feel so grateful to have such an incredible community to share my love of creativity with. And to have been able to share/commiserate/celebrate having a baby with such intelligent, kind and interesting women (and a few blokes!). 2019 has some huge new challenges in store, but for now it’s time to take a moment to relax and reflect. I hope you have an amazing holiday season with family, friends and  are able to really be present (it can be hard!).

To close out the year, we’re sharing a DIY and some highlights of the year, scroll down to read more!

Highlights of 2018

Most Read Posts of The Year

I absolutely love taking time to look at what you guys loved over the last year, and trying to work out how we can give you more of this juicy goodness in the year to come.

Ultimate Knotting Guide

DIY Wrap Dress

DIY Long Sleeved Wrap Top

An Illustrated Guide to Caring For Succulents

DIY Macrame Chandelier

Wardrobe Rehab The Book

Frankie’s Gallery Wall

DIY Cutlery Holder

How to Adopt A New Habit

What’s wrong with my succulent?

A Guide to The Best Plants for Your Bathroom

We Bought A House!

This year we renovated a little cottage and man was it fun (and challenging!). I[m excited to be working on something new that I’ll share soon, but for now here’s a recap of the finished spaces!

The Before Photos

The Outside

The Lounge Room

The Kitchen

The Back Deck

The Nursery

The Bathrooms

And A Couple of Old Faves…

Our Creative Escape to Bali

Healthy Reboot Series

Lessons From 7 Years of Blogging

An Easy Guide to Travel Journaling

I’ll be back shortly with an update to this very popular series, but start brainstorming your word for 2019 now!


Let us know your thoughts!

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