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November Faves

Dec 5, 2018


Wow, we’re really getting to the pointy end of 2018, aren’t we?

And as with all other years past, it always feels like the festive season is fun and chaotic and utterly exhausting. But still FUN! Naturally every client you have wants everything yesterday and your diary overflows with social events. But that’s what makes it so maniacally enjoyable. Right? RIGHT?! So, with the aim of doing it a bit differently this year, I’ve been trying to slow down a bit where possible, play with Frankie without any distractions, not think about lists of things I need to do and just be. *Exhale* In the meantime, here are my November faves!


Read a few more books this month! Including Nine Perfect Strangers, Lily Allen’s Memoir (not great tbh) and two more Carl Hiaasin Books – Star Island and Stormy Weather. Going to read these next.

Check out the latest of my NYC guides, this time to Mid Town (isn’t that Oyster Bar gorgeous?!).

I am wayyy behind but have been listening to The Teacher’s Pet!


This year I have opted out of green and red Christmas decor, instead going with lighter tones and dry grasses and plants, with a few pops of metal. Stay tuned for a few projects in the coming days.

I made a play tent for Frankie, and even though she probably won’t remember this Christmas, it was fun to play like she would 🙂

You need to make these Ikea Hack lights!

I’ve started going phone free on (most of) Sundays… I delete Instagram (otherwise I find myself scrolling like a robot) and do something with my hands instead… Last weekend it was painting.


You guys know I’ve been a fan of Oroton for ages, and the new collection has reallllly stepped it up (their new creative director has my style in mind!). Need this tote and this weekender in my life.

I’ll be staying near Byron for 4 weeks over Christmas, so cue another one of those hot sunny festive periods. Yep, men wearing board shorts and Santa hats! Meanwhile, I’ll be embracing a high waisted shorts and bikini top combo like this one. BYO spf.


I really want to try this wrap around gallery wall.

Planning (aka dreaming about) a new renovation project… Thinking tropical minimalist with a few pops of rattan and colour.

We revealed the bathrooms of our renovation! I have to say these are some of my fave rooms in the house, and after going back and forth A LOT, I think think the tile selection works so well! We also shared how to build your own bathroom vanity out of antique furniture.

I discussed the whole ‘should I paint my furniture?’ quandary, and showed you how to do it yourself!


Frankie has just moved from her rattan bassinet to a cot! Wah she’s growing up so fast! Now I’m dreaming of all the cute beds.

I shared all the books and podcasts I have found useful as a new mum. I also bought 5 copies of my fave parenting book to give to all my friends with new babies!

I showed you Frankie’s gallery wall (again, more for me than for her haha!).

Images thanks to:

witanddelightvelvetcanyonoraclefoxsilasstudio | blockshoptetileslrnce | Olliella | liz_kamarul 



Let us know your thoughts!

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