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How to master a new creative skill in 2019!

Creative Business Jan 17, 2019

One thing I’ve learnt about New Year’s resolutions is that the more simple they are, the better. Choosing a word to guide the year has been so successful for me that I can’t help but think that simple goals and resolutions are key. Particularly when it comes to creative goals! Today I’ve got together with my friends from Skillshare to share how you can be more creative in 2019!

We all know that creativity is good for us, it can be an active form of meditation, helping to soothe and quieten my inner critic and keep me away from the comparison trap. Towards the end of 2018, I have to admit my creativity was at an all time low, I’d been draining it all year long and had gone into deficit! 

A few weeks downtime (even with a baby) was exactly what I needed to kickstart my creativity for the new year, and once January hit, I had the urge to master every creative skill I could! But knowing what I’m like, instead of making a huge long list of things I need to master asap, I decided to first focus on one new skill. Just one!

I’m wearing my friend’s new label Hanalei in these pics!

What did I choose? Painting with acrylics! You’ll remember I learn about watercolours a while ago, but recently I’ve become so inspired by gorgeous painted acrylic artworks, and decided it would be amazing to learn how to do that. My goal is to be able to paint a huge wall sized canvas one day! For now, my skills are basic go say the least, but I’ve loved learning. As usual, my friends over at Skillshare came to the rescue, offering a huge number of easy to follow courses. Today I’m sharing a few things I learnt!

I’m excited to be partnering with Skillshare to offer the first 500 readers two months of unlimited access to over 25,000 classes for FREE! Click here to sign up!

Learning A New Skill with Skillare in 2019

I’ve partnered with Skillshare a number of times, and every time I’ve found being able to access such amazing courses so fantastic! In case you’re not familiar, they’re an online learning platform with thousands of different courses. The format of the courses works is ideal, with key steps and techniques broken down into short segments, making them easy to follow and digest. And perfect for distracted parents!

And there are so many different creative options, no matter where your interests lie. The courses include painting, calligraphy and hand-lettering, baking and cooking, photography, and also lots outside the creative field including business, finance, and coding as well. Once you sign up, you have access to all the courses, meaning I get to experiment with lots of teachers, techniques and finished projects.

A few creative skills to consider in 2019

As I mentioned, there are so many fantastic classes on Skillshare, pretty much no matter what you are into. Below I’ve put together a few suggestions for you below for new skills you could hone in 2019.

Painting With Acrylics The classes I have done so far to help me learn how to paint with acrylics are Acrylic Painting for Beginners, How To Paint An Abstract Landscape and Paint Loose Techniques. These were all short courses and I pretty much watched them all in small segments over the course of a week. I learnt so much about materials, tools, techniques and useful visual things like using negative space and working with shapes. 

Hand Lettering I KNOW so many of you are into hand lettering, so I wanted to share a few of my favourite Skillshare Courses with you. This Hand Lettering Essentials for Beginners is very popular, and with good reason, whilst I also love this one that teaches you how to work with chalk and this one that’s all about making a postcard.

Ceramics Ceramics are a passion of mine, and of course Skillshare has some fantastic courses to help you learn how. This one looks amazing and is all about making a mug (my fave!) and this one is about building your own dishes. What more could you want?

Indoor Plants Indoor plant addict right here, and there’s nothing that makes me feel happier and more creative than keeping my darling plants alive. Skillshare has a bunch of lovely courses to learn about keeping indoor plants, including this one and this one.

Tips for Mastering A New Skill in 2019

Decide what you want to do

This is the fun part! This is the bit where you get to brainstorm and work out what draws you in. Start moodboarding things you like and things you are interested in, colours, images and consider what you love about them. It’s incredible how possible it is to make the things you love if you find the right class! Sewing, hand dyeing, ceramics, painting. If you love it, you can probably do it yourself.

Break it Down Into Small Steps

The biggest thing about succeeding in your one new skill? That you don’t feel completely overwhelmed. The best thing to do is break it into very small steps like getting materials, finding a class, starting with one small element per day.

Start Today (and don’t be afraid)

It’s so easy to put off what we really want, out of a fear of not being able to do it perfectly. Perfection killed the best laid plans! When it came to sitting down and starting to paint, I really had to push through that fear of not being able to do it very well. But that’s the whole point isn’t it? What would be the point of learning to do something that you’re already great at.

Carve Out Time

The best thing about learning one skill? You can dedicate small segments of time to that and that alone, meaning you can focus and hone your skills and not give in to pressure to quit. I love that on Skillshare the classes are broken down into very small segments so it feels easy to complete them.

I’m excited to be partnering with Skillshare to offer the first 500 readers two months of unlimited access to over 25,000 classes for FREE! Click here to sign up!



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