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December Faves

Jan 14, 2019

And just like that, the year was over.

I took a break from being online over the last few weeks, it was just what I needed. I hope you had a great break and are feeling refreshed and renewed for the new year! In case you’re looking to catch up on a few things, feel free to check out my faves from last month!

Reading/ Listening

I have a tendency to discover an author and then go and read every single one of their books. On my radar at the moment is Megan Abbott. I just read Die A Little and it was great! I also just finished The Silence of The Girls (not a fan of the name) it was amazing. And I’ll be delving into this too in the coming weeks.


Another great Ask Polly about the comparison trap.

This again.

I love the Ladies, We Need To Talk podcast!


I am going to take a bit of a break from being online (not making a huge deal about it but yeah, excited). And felt a bit inspired to make some reworked vintage pieces like the white dress in the mood board anddd also some outfits for Frankie. Sharing these soon!

Lots of festive DIYs went down this last month including not one but two hanging Christmas trees – one out of macrame and one out of foraged branches. We also made a play tent, frayed linen napkins and a DIY tiered skirt!


Picked this gorgeous dress out for the project I worked on in Adelaide, so stunning!

Snapped up this stunning swimsuit and have been wearing it non stop.

I love that the new ‘it’ bag is a straw one and doesn’t cost the world, although this one has a big (ridiculous) price tag and I kinda want it (one of those window shopping situations).


If you haven’t snapped up one of Mandy’s prints yet you must.

If you suppppeeeerrrr last minute with the Christmas tree why not use some pages out of a book on the wall?

I love these embroidered prints.

Love the vibe of this store.

Very inspired by this lovely ladies interiors.

LOVE these prints.


I put together an edit of my favourite pieces from Retykle. Honesty it was hard to keep it down to two pages!

It’s been so hard to find swimwear with lots of coverage for Frankie, opted for this!

All about dressing a baby!

Images thanks to:

Bohéme Goods | Audrey Rivet | Le Seines | Layered Vintage | Hotel Magique | House of Lita | With Jéan| OF by Amanda Shadforth | The Borrowed Nursery | LRNCE 


Let us know your thoughts!

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