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January Faves

Feb 8, 2019

Can you believe that the first month of the year is done a dusted?

That flew past! This month has been a busy one, we’re back in Hong Kong for a little while, and I’ve been busy strategising my business and focusing on ‘Growth’ (my word of the year). But I’m trying to moderate the pressure on myself – I keep reminding myself that ‘you can have it all, but not all at once’. I’ve also been a bit distracted thinking about authenticity, at times anxious that there’s no such thing anymore – the slew of con artists in the media right now make me think this – but most of the time assured in the knowledge that all we have is our principles (and reputation). I’ll keep you post on that!

Reading/ Thinking

Never Ending Scam Season. Seriously, this writer nailed everything I’ve been thinking about (including: all those scammers lacked charisma!). Ps. have you noticed that con artist fiction seems to be the new true crime?  Fyre fest, Bad Blood, Anna Delvey, Billion Dollar whale. The mind boggles!

More on authenticity: pledge a few dollars to read The Authentic Lie when it comes out.

A thought provoking piece on binge tv watching… When I was growing up I was only allowed to watch an hour of TV a week and it had to be educational (my parents locked the tv room), but I definitely make up for it these days! But this article raised so many questions, and made me hesitate to reach for the remote…

Here are all the books I’ve read recently!

A few years ago vintage shopping seemed to fall off the map, in favour of ‘currently for sale’ items (that could be affiliate linked), but so happy to see it’s making a resurgence. Loved this article!


I’m back on the granola train! I’ve been making a mammoth batch every Sunday, it’s so good!

Calling all plant lovers! Here are a few projects you might like.Fell hard for this top, and sooo want to make one!

Get creative in 2019!


I recently bought these, after umming and ahhing over them for a while. Yet to receive but will let you know how they fit (or don’t, lol).

My friends have started a lovely resort wear brand, casual and laid back and perfect for the breast feeding mama!


Tips and tricks for decluttering.

Love the idea of mixing mid century and rattan details – this little table is PERFECT!

Anything rug inspired I’m into… Put a rug on it is totally my motto… This artwork has my name on it.


Planning my first (long-ish) trip without Frankie! Considering Morocco or Jaipur…. Thoughts?

Images thanks to:

Hawkins New York | Pandora Sykes  | Oksana Silchuk | Shop Super Marché | Apartment Therapy | Rachel Saunders Ceramics | Olivia Lopez | Jordan Santos | Almost 30 | Condé Nast Traveler


Let us know your thoughts!

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