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March Faves

Monthly Favourites Apr 1, 2019

Helloooo April!

I’m back in Australia now, working on new projects, content and ideas. I’ll also be speaking at a great event in Brisbane this Saturday called Run the World. I’ll be talking about all the things I’ve learnt about the internet and creativity in the last ten years… I can’t wait! Grab your tickets here.  In the meantime, read on for everything I’ve been reading, making and doing in the month of March.


This is me always.

Just started reading The Friend.

Reading more about the Planetary Diet. Could you do it?

Don’t normalise it!!!!!’ we shouted at each other. But all we were normalising was the use of the word normalise, which sounded like the action of a raygun wielded by a guy named Norm to make everyone around him Norm as well.

Amazing thread about starting a business. Agree with so much of this!



Painting pots in a million different patterns right now.

Love these.

It’s time to start shirring!

All I can think about right now is recovering everything in vintage rugs.  I so need to do an upholstery class. Any ideas how I can do this easily?

Never not making/taking photos, and recently I shared a few tips.


I got SO many amazing recommendations from you guys about a great day time moisturiser with mineral SPF. Am trying a few as we speak! The top recommendations are this one and this one.

Window shopping (again!).


This is my favourite new plant. I need a thousand.

I put up a corner gallery wall and I’m (almost embarrassingly) proud of it.

The best plants when you have pets.

Sat down for a natter with Sitchu. Read it here.

Mama life

To have it all is to have way too much, but that’s the point. Ask Polly nailing all my thoughts right now!

Sharing this again even though on our flight to Australia yesterday Frankie cried for nine long overnight hours straight… You win some you lose some (I blame it on the night flight!).

Did you have any fears about becoming a mother? I had plenty.


Images thanks to:

Frances Loom | The New Yorker Cartoons | dossier blog  | Cult Gaia | kaekooshop | dominomag | future women | Little Company | Pottery Barn Australia


Let us know your thoughts!

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