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April Faves

Monthly Favourites May 6, 2019

What a month!

April flew by in a daze of projects, admin and days spent with Frankie. I’ve also really been enjoying the making process over on Instagram stories, and getting your tips and ideas in real time. Interacting with such an inspiring and creative community is honestly the best part of IG.  Recently I asked you what I should do with a bunch of shells and got SO MANY great answers. So stay tuned for that. Read on for my faves from last month.


I’ve been reading a lot recently, in prep for a new book club that’s coming soon. Last month I read Identity Crisis, A Death In China, Queenpin and am currently reading Women Talking.

This podcast about how to make a real impact on climate change really hit home with me.

Excited to see a bit more creativity on social media! This and (potentially) this might help that.

Maybe it’s time to step out of your creative comfort zone?


After hitting a major milestone for a project I’m working on at the moment (will share more soon), I got a bit of time to make some things! Including this clay wall hanging.

On my list of things to make is: shell earrings (too many of you were in favour to ignore!), my ottoman update, a sheer skirt using polkadot silk, a sheer tiered dress in yellow, something out of a rug I got on Etsy, plus an update to a linen shirt I have wanted to make forever. Itching to get creative.


Recently snapped up this jumpsuit and it’s so so comfortable.

LOVE this bag.

Currently absolutely obsessed with vintage Fendi Baguette bags…. I’ve been trawling Easy and Ebay like crazy! I keep seeing ones I like but not buying them, so I think perhaps I’m just enjoying the thrill of the chase? Or am realistic about how often I’ll use a teeny tiny bag now that I have a baby. Lol!


Corner gallery walls happening at my place right now.

All our before and afters.

You should make this side table.

Bri’s wedding was so pretty!

Gimme all the dried flowers.

Mama life

‘How the iPhone rewrote the teenage brain’.

Have been talking a lot about baby sleep over on IG, once again can’t recommend this book enough.

Images thanks to:

sun folk | the lane | Loeffler Randall |marinadiezfdez | the lane | honestlywtf | designlovefest



Let us know your thoughts!

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