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June Faves & My Month

Jun 28, 2019

Can you believe it’s the middle of the year already?

July first is just a few days away and I seriously can’t believe it. Apparently time flies when you’re having fun, or, the first 365 days of having baby!

My Month

This month has been so exciting at home, with Frankie growing up so fast. She’s chatting so much and I think she’ll start walking soon. Crazy! It’s funny, it was almost easier to go to the studio all day when she was really tiny, now I feel like I miss out on a lot when I’m working. But I love being in the studio and getting to be creative so it’s all a balance. Or an attempt at finding one!

Speaking on the studio, we’ve been working on some really fun content in the last few weeks, lots of creative projects, most of which are video, something I’m so excited about experimenting more with. Do you guys like video? It takes so (so so) much longer to do a great video but I personally love to watch projects and tutorials come to life. Looking forward to sharing a few of them in the next few weeks!


An important reminder that travel is so much more than just getting ‘the shot’.

This month I read Conversations with Friends and The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart.

I also just read The Clever Gut Diet. I don’t talk about it much here but I am obsessed with the micro biome and this book has a very detailed discussion of different gut bacteria, something that’s not easy to find. Have already signed up for me Ubiome profile!

How ‘wife’ became a meme.

Nothing is more tweaked than the IG bio.

The monetising of engagements, births and everything in between.

This body image podcast.

The internet.

Ps. recently got a New York Times subscription, I listen to The Daily every day and love to read the more detailed articles.


Colours even I’m surprised to be adding to my wardrobe.

Bought this hat which, even though it’s more expensive than a basic hat, I’m excited to wear it and will definitely be careful not to just jam it in my suitcase 🙂

I want to make another one of these dresses and these pants for my trip to Spain.

My favourite swimwear brand Peony released a new collection made entirely of sustainable fabrics. So happy to see this sort of change in the industry!

Just bought this from a seller on Depop (my size was sold out). I’m so getting into buying more on secondhand sites!


Make this hanging shelf.

I’m still loving polymer clay, and I think I’ll try some more projects with it soon! In the meantime, make this.

I’ve been making so many DIYs for a big project I’m working on, I’ll be sharing more soon and I can’t wait.

How gorgeous are these pressed flowers?


Getting all the design feels from this beautiful home. Maybe it’s time to transition my space to something a little more minimal?

That door and how we DIYed it.

Tips and tricks for shopping in a second store.

My mum was devastated when we didn’t put glass bricks in our studio…. She loves them. Maybe we should have?

Mama Life

In case you’re looking to update your bubs wardrobe, I love this site. I’ve spoken about it before but I recently nabbed a gorgeous pair of teeny tiny leather Chloe sneakers (Frankie’s first shoes!) and they are sooo cute.


Images thanks to: 

Bonny V.  | West Elm Australia | Margoandme |  domino | West Elm Australia | Frankie | Gabby Gomez | Bespoke PR |  domino


Let us know your thoughts!

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