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Twelve DIY's To Celebrate Summer

Home Jul 18, 2019

I’m back in Hong Kong guys! And summer is absolutely raging here. It’s honestly so so hot. But it feels good to be amongst that festive summer vibe, with everyone thinking more about holidays than about work. We’re off to Spain in a few days and I couldn’t be more excited!

In the meantime, I wanted to share a few of my favourite summer projects, little things you can do to really celebrate. Because before you know it, it’ll be over! Apologies to all my readers down under, your turn will come soon, I promise.


A zesty, fruity and not to mention a cooling addition to your summer days, there’s never a better time to get outside and enjoy a beverage. I’ve linked a few of my favourite below.

Pineapple Cup Cocktail | Blood Orange Cointreau Fizz Pops | Fruit Ice Cubes | Fig Cooler Cocktail | Champagne Lemon Drop Cocktail | Frozen Ice Bucket

Hit the beach

What’s summer without a dip in the ocean or a tan by a pool? Here’s to bringing a touch of DIY to your swimmers.

Lace Up Swimsuit | DIY Convertible Bodysuit

Live the Picnic Life

The smell of freshly cut grass on a cloudless day, I’m pretty sure that calls for a picnic. If you’ve got a bit of time up your sleeve, why not make something to go with it? here’s hoping you don’t get hayfever!

How To Create A Delicious Platter | DIY Tasseled Rug | Embroidered Picnic Tote


Summer is for indulging, don’t even talk to me about a summer body. Bring on all the yummy treats I say, including a few of my favourite recipes below. Enjoy!

Spiced Iced Coffee | Berry Chia Jam | Coconut & Raspberry Baked Donuts


Let us know your thoughts!

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