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July Faves

Aug 1, 2019

Hey guys! It’s that time of the month again…

Where I sound like a broken record, by saying can you BELIEVE that it’s August already?! I mean, where did the year go. I’m dropping in from Spain where we’ve been eating, drinking, exploring and generally having an incredible time… Offline! Frankie turned one a few weeks ago and I wanted to celebrate her growing up so fast by disconnecting and just being with her. Other than (of course) the two hours of emails I do every day (running your own business never sleeps). You’ll be happy to know that immersion in the Spanish experience has allowed us to fully experience the real beauty of this place, meaning I can share in depth, tried-and-tested travel guides with you soon. Until then, enjoy a few of my faves from this month.


I’m currently reading Fleishmen is in Trouble (loving), and just finished The Day We Met (not so much) and before that The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart (so so). I started reading Three Women, and whilst I LOVED the writing, it was a bit sad as a holiday read. I’ll pick it up another time!

Not so much reading as watching…. I have to admit I got into Love Island for the first time this year! I’m almost ashamed to admit it. At first I was watching it ironically, like ‘what even is this?’, but within days I was addicted and furiously refreshing my streaming service for new episodes. This piece by Lena Dunham sums up my feelings.

Speaking of guilty pleasures, this article makes me feel less bad about them.

I shared some of my favourite cookbooks over on stories recently (Plenty, The Beauty Chef, The Long Table), and you guys gave me so many great ones of yours, I actually bought a few more!  Here is another great list (and I agree that the mood of a cookbook is key).

I think we all need reminding of this.

I love Eva Victor’s Twitter Comedy.

A more conscious approach to shopping.


BRB… Reupholstering my dining chairs!

Sewing a new dress.

How to Rework Clothes in Your Closet


Snapped up this gorgeous hat for my trip to Spain. I have been loving it and literally wearing it every single day.

Decided to get into the dancing girl spirit with this dress (100% embroidered linen!).


Shared all the progress on our garden.

Tips and Tricks for Restyling Any Room

Mama Life

Screen time limits.

I’m drawn to this stripped back, organic beauty routine… Particularly now that I’m so time poor!

Inspiration thanks to Spell, Collage Vintage, Anthropologie, Domino Mag, Boutierre Girls


Let us know your thoughts!

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