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August Faves & My Month

Sep 3, 2019

Oh hey September! I didn’t see you there. I had a feeling it was May or something, and then, as if by magic, there you are.

August was a month of ultimate highs and also ultimate lows. But that’s how life is sometimes isn’t it? It started with our trip to Mallorca, which was utter heaven! We truly had such a fantastic trip, and I got to indulge in a little offline time – it was divine! I’ve been busy putting together and my tips for this gorgeous little island, including all the places we stayed that you guys keep requesting. Coming soon. I was also busy working on a few big changes coming to this site shortly, I can’t wait to share more with you…

But on our return home Frankie was struck down with a terrible flu (it’s flu season in Australia) which landed her in hospital twice. It was my first experience of having a sick child, and it was just so sad to see her in so much pain and not be able to help, or even really know what was wrong. Luckily she seems to be through the worst of it. But that definitely tested my usually optimistic self.  Luckily I had my friends and family around me for support!

Read on for some new and notable things for me this month.


I loved this episode of Ladies We Need To Talk, all about making friends as an adult.

This month I finished Three Women and also City of Girls. I found Three Women utterly engrossing, it is a ‘study of women’s desire’. The stories of the three women are harrowing and bleak and I couldn’t put it down. I found it incredibly melancholy and also felt it was a very narrow (although engrossing) view of women’s desire… City of Girls was… Fine. I liked some elements of it but found the story line a little weak.

Do you think craft is art?

I really like Esther Perel (the famous couple’s counsellor), and I loved her talk on Conversations. I found it really insightful about relationships and more board than her usual podcasts.

Just ordered The Global Vegan. I’m not vegan, but I’ve been really loving integrating plant based recipes into my diet more!

Discovered Eva Victor and lol’ed for hours.


How have I only just heard about this? Now I’m dreaming of my next creative holiday.

I am so inspired by patterned tiles at the moment, I’ve been wanting to tile our outdoor table. More on that soon!

Make these easy shell candles.

I made this easy plank photo display as part of a series with Canon.


I am doing a little bit of a refresh to the our master bedroom, which I’ll be sharing later in the week.

Loving everything about this amazing hotel. Need to start painting arches asap.

I have such an addiction to pretty vintage books, these are stunning.

Tips and tricks for choosing a sofa.


I’m not Gen Z but I’m totally getting into Depop.

I love the new mini Collection from Zulu & Zephyr (comes out later this week!), I bought the mermaid shorts for Frankie.

I snapped up this linen jacket, I felt like it was time to add this to my closet. 🙂

Trying out this new skincare range. It’s been great!

Imagery via: Alyssa in the city, Sarah Shabacon, Domino Magazine, Lonny Magazine, Anchor Ceramics.


Let us know your thoughts!

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