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Our Bedroom Update & I Discovered The Best Sheets!

Home Essentials Sep 6, 2019

I know this is going to be controversial, but I wanted to do a PSA and let you know that if you haven’t yet slept on bamboo sheets, you’re missing out.

But let me back track a little. Recently we got a king sized bed! No more kicking Ben accidentally in the middle of the night.  But, more than anything, it means it’s obviously time for new sheets. Is there anything better? You’ll know that I’ve been a long time fan of linen sheets, but as part of my bedroom refresh I had the chance to add Ettitude’s amazing Bamboo Lyocell sheets to my collection, and was blown away by how amazing they are. I really wanted to share them with you!

Pssst Ettitude is giving an exclusive 20% to you guys so you can try these gorgeous sheets for yourself. Simply use the code GENEVA20 at checkout.

I’ll be completely honest when I say I needed convincing that bamboo would be able to knock linen off the top of the perch. But after a bit of research, and a whole lot of (REALLY) good sleep, I’m 110% on board (or should I say bed?).

They’re (actually) Sustainable

These days I tend to be a little skeptical of sustainability claims, and like to know more about what I’m buying. So when I heard about these sheets I did a bit of a deep dive into bamboo fabric.  I learnt that bamboo as a plant has an incredibly good yield – up to 10 times higher than cotton, and requires less than a tenth of the water to grow. Sounds great! In general bamboo fabric is made in a similar way to Rayon, that is, chemicals are used to turn raw pulp into a cellulose fibre that is then spun into fabric. Issues arise because often the chemicals used can be very toxic and harmful to the environment, making some bamboo fabrics not as great as they sound. However, Ettitude’s sheets are made from Bamboo Lyocell, a fabric that’s made using a trademarked process that uses a closed loop system – meaning the chemicals involved have to be recycled or reused. In that way, Bamboo Lyocell takes a fantastic plant and makes it into a very sustainable and earth friendly fabric. Which I can totally get behind.

They’re Breathable

We took these photos last month, and I wanted to wait to post this so that I could well and truly use these sheets and be able to give you a detailed review.  What did I find? Not only are they really soft and such a pleasure to lay down on, but I found the I was such a perfect temperature all night long! Full disclosure, I am a hot and sweaty sleeper, constantly throwing a leg out of the sheets off when I get too warm. But I noticed that when I slept on these sheets I didn’t do this as much, and therefore slept so much better. Turns out Bamboo lyocell is also ‘thermoregulating’, meaning it keeps a steady temperature and won’t overheat, which is great for people like me!

Watch my bedroom refresh  video below

The Sheets

I chose fresh white sheet for the base, and the cloud pink duvet and matching pillows. If you know me at all you probably knew my bedroom refresh was going to include pink in some way, I haven’t asked Ben about but I’m sure he won’t mind!

The Bedroom Refresh

New sheets, who dis?! Obviously an updated set of sheets meant the rest of the room needed a full overhaul. I was excited to finally hang my favourite piece of art, this line drawing by my friend Amanda Shadforth. And in case you’re wondering, we made sure to use very sturdy hooks for this given that its above the bed!

Next, it was time to add in the details to the rest of the room. This gorgeous marble topped bedside table added a mid century feel to the space. I also decided to set up an other vanity area next to the bed, using an antique cabinet and a vintage mirror. I added books, a lamp and a few gorgeous lanterns to the vanity. A Turkish rug brings it all together. Finally, it wouldn’t be a master bedroom without plants, namely this fiddle leaf fig, and this one looks perfect in the corner of the room!

A pair of bamboo pyjamas, also from Ettitude, was the absolute icing on the cake for this space. And a cup of rooibos!

In this photo: Ettitude sheets, Vintage cabinet, H&M throw, Ikea Rug, West Elm pot plant.

Ettitude Offer

In case you missed it, I have teamed up with Ettitude to give you an 20% off your order. Use code GENEVA20 at checkout.
*Can only be used once per person, not to be combined with other discounts or promotions.

This post is in collaboration with Ettitude.


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