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Calling All Crafters! Australian Wildlife Need Your Help

Living Jan 10, 2020

In the last 3 months, a staggering one billion animals are estimated to have been killed in Australia’s terrible wildfires, and even more displaced and injured. Koalas, kangaroos and also birds, lizards, snakes, wombats, bats, echidnas, spiders and rodents. All the things that keep the ecological chain working. Not to mention the loss of flora and habitat.

It’s easy to feel completely overwhelmed by the sheer scale of the destruction, but there are ways you can help. The best option is to give money, which can be used to buy essentials when and where they are needed. Some amazing organisations to give to that have been working tirelessly are shared below. But I’ve also come across an amazing initiative to craft items for animal rescue. Read on for how to do this and also a list of organisations that need your donations.

Craft For A Cause!

You may have seen in my stories over the last few days that all over Australia (and worldwide!), people are making craft items for the Animal Rescue Craft Guild that are used in animal rescue – including Joey pouches, bat wraps, knitted birds nests and hanging pouches. Their Facebook page is such an incredible outpouring of love, compassion and CRAFT! Most of the materials people are using are secondhand (the softer the better for baby animals) and for once it doesn’t matter what they look like, only that they’re soft and cosy for a displaced animal.

There are sewing bees and craft meet ups arranged across Australia (and internationally) where you can go and get involved. You can also make items yourself at home using the patterns (full list here) and send them to a donation centre,  I’ve shared a few linked to tutorials below:

Hanging Joey Pouches

Bat Wraps

Joey Pouches 

Crochet Nests

The guild has a regularly updated list of what is needed so I would suggest checking that before starting as there are lots of people making now and their needs will change quickly.


The following organisations are doing incredible work on the ground rescuing and caring for injured and displaced animals. If you can, you may consider donating to their organisations. Even better, you can set up a small monthly donation to support them in the long term.

Wild Life Victoria

The Rescue Collective

Wires Wild Life Rescue

Save The Bees Australia

Hunter Wildlife Rescue

Zoos Victoria


Let us know your thoughts!

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