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Books I'm Reading To Educate Myself About Race & Privilege

Books Jun 5, 2020

This week has been a wake up call.

The tragedy of George Floyd’s death (and so many others) in the US has sent reverberations across the globe, making many of us question the system and our own part in it.Ā Even though I grew up in a mixed race household, I know that my skin colour has (in all likelihood) never stopped me living the life I want to live, and because of that I have been incredibly privileged.

Even though thereā€™s no way to truly understand another personā€™s experience of racism, I know that it’sĀ essential to commit to learning and growing, and stand up to dismantle a system that is underlined by racial inequality. Ā I’m continuing to navigate, listen and educate myself on why this exists, how it manifests and how we can work to change it.

I’m also trying to define targeted areas where I can make a difference and help to enact change. Iā€™m starting by reading as much as I can; thinking about how my business can highlight those most marginalised in Australia for example our First Nation people; and on a personal level, not being afraid to speak up in the face of racism.Ā 

My Reading List

I know it may soundĀ simple, but I have found the one of the best ways for me to learn moreĀ about racism, other people’sĀ experience of it and how to actively work against it is through reading. There are so many amazing writers out there sharing different perspectives, Ā here’s what’s on my list to read right now.

Girl, Woman, Other – Bernardine Evaristo
Minor Feelings – Cathy Park Hong
Such A Fun Age – Kiley Reid
White Tears, Brown Scars – Ruby Hamad
Dark Emu & Young Dark Emu – Bruce Pascoe
Drown – Junot Diaz
Me And White Supremacy – Layla F Saad
Why Iā€™m No Longer Talking To White People About Race – Reni Eddo-Lodge
Kill ā€˜Em And Leave – James McBride
My Place – Sally Morgan
The Bluest Eye – Toni Morison
The House On Mango Street Ā – Sandra Cisneros
Tell Me Why – Archie Roach
Too Much Lip – Melissa Lukashenko
Home – Larissa Behrendt
Talking To My Country – Stan Grant
How To Be Anti Racist – Ibram X Kendi
In The Time Of Butterflies – Julia Alvarez

I know that ultimately it’s a privilege to be able to educate yourself about racism rather than experiencing it every day, but it’s a good place to start.


Let us know your thoughts!

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