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Tips for Styling A Small Entryway

Home DIY Jun 29, 2020

Let’s talk entryways.

In my book I talk a lot about creating beautiful and functional spaces, and for each room in the house there’s a checklist for what you need in that space along with tips and tricks to make it look great. There’s also a bunch of ‘Ask Geneva’ sections that give solutions to your most commonly asked questions! One of those very frequently asked questions is ‘How do I create an entryway when I don’t have much space?’. Which is a great question!

A great entryway makes arriving and leaving the house so much easier, but often people think they need a huge mudroom to create a welcoming and useful entryway, and whilst space offers a lot and can be essential if have a big family or live on a farm, most of the time a smaller entryway will work just as well. Having lived in Hong Kong in a tiny apartment, I worked hard to create a useful entryway that looked great and was functional (remember?), and over time have refined that idea. Here I’ll share a few tips and tricks from my book for a great small entryway.

In case you’re looking to overhaul yours, there are loads more projects and ideas in the Entryway chapter in my book!


1. Mark Out The Space

It’s useful to delineate the entryway from the rest of the house, as that will help to make it more functional and stop it from becoming a dumping ground. So find a space, which could either be part of a hallway or even just a blank wall in proximity to the front door.

2. Add A Slimline Bench

I’m a big fan of slimline benches as places for storage and seating, and they work great in bedrooms and just as well as a piece of entryway furniture, because they don’t take up too much space. This bench is a new version of the one from my book so make sure to check it out for the instructions.

3. Use The Walls For Storage

If you don’t have much space, the walls are a great tool for storage. Add hooks or brackets for hanging bags, hats and clothing. I love making a wall organiser using a dowel and S hooks, which is an old project I made when we lived in Hong Kong, See here.

4. Use Baskets

A few baskets on the ground or on your bench are great for placing shoes and other clutter that would otherwise be a bit of an eyesore. A round plate is also perfect for corralling keys and other loose items.

5. Add Decor

I like to add a personal touch so plants, art or vases are a nice idea. Obviously you don’t want to go over the top as it can become overloaded with decor, so keep that in mind when adding things to your entryway. Cushions on the bench add comfort and colour/texture!




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